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  1. Sad, sad news. I worked with Big Al too, from spraying in Guatemala to putting out fires in Canada. Spent his 70th birthday with him in Dryden drinking beer and enjoying his company along with some other fine fellows. I have a huge measure of respect and learned an awful lot from the big humble gentleman with the wealth of experience who was always willing to share his insight if you were wise enough to ask him. Might have heard most of the firefighting in Spain stories more than once over a bottle of Crown Royal or two in the Remote crew house too , but they never got old .
  2. Due to possible expansion we could be looking for an AME in the near future full time at the Prince Rupert BC Canadian Coast Guard base in Seal Cove. Types operated are Bell 412 EPI and Bell 429 rotorcraft. I will post a link up when the competition process starts in the event their might be some folks interested.
  3. Airbus had nothing that fit the RFP requirements and therefore didnt bid, While the 145 T2 would certainly have been a contender it is not certified in Canada. Bell won with the only machine that came out to play and met the performance criteria stated in the RFP. The 429's will be a huge improvement over the BO 105's and I personally can hardly wait to see the damned things gone.
  4. Carson http://crownassets.pwgsc.gc.ca/mn-eng.cfm?snc=wfsav&sc=ach-shop&vndsld=1&srchtype=&so=DESC&sf=ferm-clos&lci=&sr=1&str=1&ltnf=1&lcn=206167&lct=L#topOfCADC
  5. Superwrench has it right, Its a fuel pump issue that they have been working on for at least 2 years. We had a modified pump on an engine in PNG that seemed to work that we were trialing when I was there.
  6. https://psjobs-emploisfp.psc-cfp.gc.ca/psrs...&psrsMode=1 Here's the link for the engineer position
  7. Sandy Donaldson Doug McArthur Bim Peckford
  8. Hey Splitpin , I'm not the police around here but like him or not you shouldnt be driving your blade into his back on a public forum.
  9. thanks for the update redrag, it appears things have changed and I stand corrected
  10. Stanley owns Mac, Facom owns SK Its awful hard to beat SK ratchets & wrenches , Snap on , Proto , Mac , Klein pliers, Fluke meters and Daniels. If you check ebay most stuff can be purchased used in good shape for a third to a half of what the bandits on the truck want for it. Tools like women , trucks , boats , houses etc are a personal choice but I would recomend that a guy working on multi million dollar equiptment at least buy North American quality tools and stay away from the mastercraft/ Canadian craftsman/Princess auto offshore junk thats pedaled to the guy wanting to chan
  11. got an answer by email, all is well thanks all
  12. simple question really, abby is Abbotsford , reason I ask is because I've heard it twice now and usually where there's smoke there's fire. I do know some guys that might be affected if indeed it is true.
  13. Heard some folks were getting walking papers at a certain spot in Abby, seems the apprentices were let go first now the full time wrenches. Any truth to it?
  14. PITA with the pall kit installed, seems to work well though
  15. Do the power diode check in the MM you may have a bad or intermittent diode, could also be a short on the #1 side, once had a machine with a few fillings in the deck plug at the starter that would short the pins and do the same thing and it drove me crazy trying to find it. The DCU has a lot of circuits tied into it so start wringing em out.
  16. I spent four summers with the Old Boy on RHS wrenching with Doug doing the flying, and from Northern AB to Ontario and Guatemala It was awful comforting to look over and see the old master lighting another dumaurier with the stick between his knees or spending his time tossing horseflys out the window on the way to the next fire. I take away some great memories of nights we drank too much and days we worked too hard. Im going to miss him especially in light of all he taught me. Doug truly was one of the good old boys in this business. My sincere condolences go out to Doug's family especially h
  17. Could it start with A and end with tibi ?????
  18. Here's a couple Ive seen in the past, cracked start nozzle fuel line, Acceleration bellows chamber full of water / ice -depending on OAT can freeze acceleration bellows in place and hang indefinetly. If the oring separating the high pressure fuel side is bad the cavity can also fill with fuel but you should be getting a fuel smell in the cabin as well, carry out P2 air chamber cleaning . The start fuel line cracks usually show up as slow until your into the injection wheel range, so basically if its hanging below 30% look at the nozzle lines or valve on the top of the stove. If slow above 30
  19. Hey Frenchwrench, Heard Guardian Helicopters was looking for a DOM and QA guy, 403 730 6333
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