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  1. Rookie Move in Shearwater

    I would just have replaced the plugs... wtf...
  2. I found out today that Rick Kirkwood passed away at Sudbury Hospital on the 14th of September I believe. Anyone who has done anything in Ontario Region within the last 20 years have probably ran into him He retired from TC a couple of years ago, worked on and off spraying the last two or three summers as far as I know. He will be missed. Harald.
  3. Bell 206 Power Check Calculator

    Where I work we have to do them every 25 hours on the 25th hour, and put them in the log bog, as a matter of fact the logbook has a column for it on every page.
  4. Machine down?

  5. Ferry Pilot

    Man if I wasn't going on shift... I have 205 on my canadian and an FAA CPL/H... Anyway, next time... lol
  6. Machine down?

    Was it the Owner or a "hired hand" flying? I know the owner likes to fly that machine...
  7. Cep Kit

    I used my CEP kit for years, but I found that the cable breaks at the ear plug join, the cables are stiff and I got a hot spot of pain where the cable ran out of the earcup, and I found the tips to be annoying, I reverted back to just earplugs. (Personal preference) If they would have made the tips/cables of the softer kind as you find in cellphone headsets, sort of like skull-candy etc, I find they would be more comfy. The service from CEP-USA was second to none and supplied free of charge twice, the cable part. very good service indeed. Installing the CEP kit was a breeze as well, just make sure you have the proper tools available. I also installed a ANR kit in a helmet, and that was a MUCH more involved process. Cheers H.
  8. It sucks, but if you sign the dotted line... Interesting that BC Transport's opinion differ from Ontario...
  9. And they STILL did not answer the question... "flight time" - means the time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight; What about intermediate landings without shutting down??? You don't end the flight with setting out a crew in the bush, it ends when you shut down...
  10. More Woes For Helijet

    Same issue as in Halifax! What are the H1 issues?? why is it an issue now, and is the S-76 now dead as an Air Ambulance?? H.
  11. AIM. read and know the pertinent VFR portions of the AIM... There are some differences between the US and Canadian systems, the conversion exam is mostly going to deal with rules and regulation, so I would focus a lot on that. The new study guide should have what areas the exam will focus on, and that should help you somewhat, altough it is not as well laid out as the FAA version of the same documents... Cheers H.
  12. Canadian Helicopters Engineer Pay

    You got it Hybrid! LOL!
  13. Bob Kellie

    Though I never met the man, he sure came across as a true gentleman. I seen it on his facebook yesterday, and was shocked. I thought he was in remission... Tailwinds Bob...
  14. Wollaston Lake Lodge

    I'd go to La Ronge, as it is a guarantee for fuel. BUT!! Be careful north of La Ronge, there is powerline onstruction with LOTS of heli-traffic in the area.
  15. Germany To Test Pilots For Drugs

    I don't mind this, in many jobs these days there is a requirement to stay "clean" and in my personal opinion so should the aviation industry. The same obviously goes for Alcohol, now I like my beer and rum as much as the next guy, but generally we should all be able to stay dry for the month or 42 day tour, and IF we need that beer with our meal, have 1 or 2 not 10 or 12... Now I know LOTS of guys will throw their arms in the air and say words like "Constitutional Rights", and "Better for you than alcohol" etc, well good for you, go ahead and smoke or whatever you do, but keep it away from work...