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  1. No worries. when push comes to shove, it's all the same, everyone has to meet the exact same minimum (barest of minimums really) standard. where they look at a snapshot of your training. the much maligned FAA system has much harder rides, with a much stricter demand for knowledge and a requirement to pass each and every manoeuvre to a graded standard. including each and every ride subsequently. meaning a 135 ride (similar to our PPC for 703) is a complete to commercial (or ATP) standard ride with EVERY aspect checked. the rides last several hours. I know everyone like to disparage our so
  2. Again you miss the point. you have 100 hours to learn the basics, but when you thin those 100 hours with all sorts of operational stuff you won't be doing for the first 5 years, is useless that could be used elsewhere. Like I said, we will never agree.
  3. Does it matter? I got mine in the US, have FAA, TC and EASA licenses. I worked for 12 years as a class 1 instructor in Canada and also as a company training pilot. and have since worked in industry and see daily the result of lack of basic knowledge, and lack of basic understanding of navigation and simple stuff like planning and flying a circuit. but like I said ,we wont agree on this. But look again at the airplane side, the majority of instructors are low timers, teaching basics.
  4. Funny thing though, almost all fixed wing instructors are just timebuilding. I strongly disagree, I think the instructors should have the basics down, so that the student can d=fly an accurate circuit, can fly a cross country, can talk on the radio, then the industry should teach them how to operate. 100 hours is already 50 hours less than the rest of the world, and not nearly enough for basics. I see it time and again.
  5. If going east or west in Ontario, don't travek the north shore of Lake Superior, take the slightly more northern route, unless you want to sit in Marathon or Wawa for an extended time....
  6. Yeah, having worked with several people working in ICU's and ER's that article does not really ring true. I've also lost people I know to covid. https://globalnews.ca/news/8273772/ontario-doctors-barred-medical-exemptions-covid-vaccine-masks-testing/ Shows how much the government trusts the Dr. in @Whitestones article. In other words. PURE BS.
  7. I work directly with people who are in that environment. NONE of them are impressed. It is hard to hear the #### stories they tell of death and preventable sickness.
  8. its JohnS Hopkins, and it is NOT government subsidized. The Wall Street Journal Article is dates, as there has now been a third and fourth wave that has decimated some of the points made since March of 2021. I'm sure the author is quite embarrassed. Get your shot, stay healthy. I don't think 2 percent chance to die is particularly great odds if you get sick. I'd call them ****** odds.
  9. This is just a small tidbit from BC https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/unvaccinated-vaccinated-covid-data-bc-1.6151008 Generally speaking, the statistics show that you CAN get sick with double vaccines, and a booster is likely going to be required, but the statistics ALSO show that the majority of people in the hospitals and almost ALL of the people in ICU are unvaccinated. SO get the vaccine, protect yourself and other. Longhaul Covid does not look fun. I know of people who have died, and I know people who used to be very fit, who are now not able to walk to the mailbox
  10. Well we are getting ever closer to the mandatory date... it'll be interesting to see how many will fall on their swords. I know a couple of Covidiots that are refusing.
  11. Sorry for delayed response. Unfortunately this is a predominately Canadian forum, so not much help to be had with regards to the WOFT process. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  12. If you are air ambulance, then yes, if not no.
  13. AND have a Multi Crew Coordination course, which is another sim course to allow you to fly in a multi pilot crew. It's a lot of a bear, and I wish I hadn't let mine lapse, but alas. Not heading over to europe anytime soon anyway. As far as the middle east, I'd double down and get the US FAA ATPL as well, these days it's just a conversion exam. Cheers Harald
  14. the one in Carp is a UH-1M, a marine version of the C huey with Magnesium instead of Aluminum skin for maritime conditions.
  15. Ahahahahaha... Hahahaha. Well in Thompson there IS a liquor store, a Tim's and a Boston Pizza...
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