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  1. Thankfully they are implementing the ICAO definition. That is the whole issue, FROM FIRST IN MOTION, to COMES TO A STOP AT END OF FLIGHT. That. That is the only thing that means anything. And what most people argues has been correct. Except a few stalwarts within TC who just couldn't
  2. Winnie

    CPL hood training requirement 61.129.c.3(I)

    As you searched and found the answer, good on you! You'll find this is a good community, but most of us are Canadians, and the FAR's are confusing... but you are welcome to keep with us!
  3. Yeah. It's supposed to be great... I only know the 135 anyway...
  4. Log more landings that way GrayHorizons...
  5. Unfortunately not able to help, but if you could find anyone with EC225 info they might be able to help, isn't that the same system? Regards H.
  6. Winnie

    PPL vs CPL

    Adding on a CPL after the PPL is going to cost you more in the end. you need additional hours on top of the original minimum. So if you did PPL at minimum hours of 45, the CPL add-on is another 60, that is a minimum of 105 hours. you say 15 hours now, closer to 20 for solo, you will be closer to 60 hours total for your ride minimum, now you are up to 120 hours. the Tax credit is only on the part of the training that goes towards a CPL, so you lose out on anything used towards the PPL. for a Commercial License from scratch you need 100 hours, all can be credited, and your current training is covered. if they tell you otherwise they are lying. the basic training until past the navigation portion is the same, it is after the Nav things get more convoluted. The ground school portion is 80 hours in stead of 40 and goes deeper (not close to being deep) into air law, met and nav. the aerodnamics are the same, although as a commercial pilot working you will see a lot more of the situations discussed... So if the tax credit is important, go straight for CPL from where you are, if savings is important a straight CPL is better than PPL then CPL, but a PPL only is cheaper. you WILL see reduced insurance rates with a CPL, and if you go to a Robinson Safety Course you will get additional benefits. Regards Harald, Former instructor.
  7. Winnie

    The job field

    Recession a few years ago tanked the Offshore Oil market, this in turn turfed 100s of pilots with a LOT of experience into VFR jobs. Also recession related, the exploration market went to ####, and thus no drill moves, so less camp jobs. It is picking up but slowly. H.
  8. See if you can find silk liner gloves.... your hands will never be cold again. I usually fly with Nomex gloves, and they are good enough in the cockpit with the door closed, but soon as I venture outside I have to put on a mitt of some kind. I still haven't found the erfect one, but I'm looking...
  9. Winnie

    Equipment for training

    Also, someone mentioned flight computers, you can download an app, called Sporty's E6B for your android or apple phone, however you won't be able to use it at the exam... Cheers H.
  10. Winnie

    206 Time Building

    Check Zimmer Air in Ontario, they may help...
  11. Winnie

    Equipment for training

    Don't get a paraclet helmet. they are Gentex copies and suck in shape. Even though they are lighter. I have a Gentex for NVG and an Alpha Eagle for other stuff. I'd go back to the HGU 84 if I could.
  12. Yeah Ronnie. TC has been going mad these last 10 years... They decided that ICAO wasn't correct and neither was the AC they issued, so they cancelled it. They claim in the CAR's that in a skid equipped helicopter AIRTIME and FLIGHT TIME is the same...
  13. Or in Quebec with a group of Geologists.., Put them down on one peak, they had moved to a different one, on the radio he said :"You're at my 12 o'clock!" Found him though...
  14. Hi there! Yes, they are actually investing time in this said young pilot. Cheers H.
  15. Hah, J. Innis knocked on the side of my helmet once... he asked "IS THERE ANYONE IN THERE???" This was 3 seconds after he asked how long to get to spot D... lol