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  1. The restrictions that are disqualifying for doing this are listed as: Limitations and Restrictions Holders of medical certificates bearing any of the following limitations or restrictions are required to undergo a medical examination pursuant to the conditions of this exemption: a) License restricted; b) Permit restricted; c) 3 months only; d) 6 months only; e) 9 months only; f) 12 months only; g) 24 months only; h) Subject to letter dated; i) Private Pilot License (PPL) privileges – 12 months only; j) Valid only when another air traffic controller available and competent to assume your duties; k) With an accompanying pilot; l) Not valid for Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME) renewal. Cheers W.
  2. In Central Newfoundland, 20 KM west of Clarenville, 1 deceased, 2 injured. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/thorburn-lake-helicopter-crash-investigation-begins-1.5657022
  3. Nope RDM-1, not in the daytime! haha What was not pointed out is that a good steerable searchlight is very good at lighting up objects, and a surprisingly good help to you. Also, when flying in daylight you can't see the little hotspots until they start smoking, with the goggles you can see the glow of the fire under the surface and can attack that. Not quite as well as scanning but you can still see incredibly well. I've seen and reported fires in areas scanned and reported out, with goggles without there have been thunderstorms or other reason for the fire to appear again. Coulson also has a goggle program. I think for the provinces that do loaded patrols, should have 2 pilots and a helitack office all with goggles, they'll find LOTS of fires to play with!
  4. I can attest to the added fatigue of wearing goggles, you add a good 2lbs to your head, and it does certainly feel that way after 8 hours of continuous wear! As has been stated over, there are traps, and you have to be aware and be extra vigilant in both planning and execution of low level stuff, but it also has changed everything I ever thought I knew about night flying! Won't change back, that's for sure!
  5. From having flown near fires with NVG's, that would be extremely helpful. you can even see hot spots that you can't see with naked eye close up at night. Tanking at night particularly would be great deal in the prairies for sure!
  6. Take offs and landings are just that, the registration of the aircraft matters not, as it is not a licensing issue. Just currency/recency.
  7. Custom in Manitoba has been around more than 40 years...
  8. I think Provincial came out of TJ Helicopters, I can't remember at the moment. I worked there for a while. Lambair was Tom Lamb's company, fixed and heli. That was a company with some interesting history. Tom Lamb was a pioneer in the 20s and 30s with the "REAL BUSH" bushflying with open cockpits in some pretty insane conditions.
  9. Jim Gray is still around indeed. Retired, last was the chief pilot at Kississing Helicopters, who were sort of absorbed into Custom a year or so back, but he was already retired by then. A Class act indeed, did my PPC's a couple years in a row at Provincial.
  10. Just wanted to say something on this. The standards that the USFS use are actually straight out of the US Army manuals, and these numbers are what Gentex helmets are based on. So whilst it may be true that gentex is shouting loudly, the US Army set the limits for what helmets are approved and which aren't. I personally find it funny that the french air force is going away from Gallet helmets in helicopters, and using the Alpha series instead, which seem to have been purchased by Gentex... Anyway, for my work, involving NVG's the SPH-5 is good, the Alpha Eagle is superb and the Gallet is also good. Too bad the Eagle is so much money... Cheers H.
  11. Foreflight seem to filter out irrelevant ones, but they seem to be local area only and not enroute, but I may be wrong. Cheers H.
  12. Saw someone mention Paraclet up here somewhere, my recommendation is to RUN AWAY! We got a few for our NVG Program and they are poor copies of Gentex SPH=5s with a ****** liner that does not fit a head at all. out of 4 helmets and 8 crew guys 1 wears the Paraclet, with little issues, 1 with migraine issues, everyone else got their own. I'd rather weatr my heavy old SPH-5 that the Paraclet garbage...
  13. Do not even THINK of mentioning to the CBP that you are "looking" for employment, you'll get an automatic 5 year ban... There are a few websites you can search for that do help with the Visa or even green card applications, but in general you need a job offer to get a visa, and the employer has to prove you are the only one that can actually do the job. So getting a visa is very difficult. The green card option could be easier, but depending on where you are from. If you are Canadian, it is tougher than say Scandinavian for some reason. And Pilots are not considered "Skilled Workers" in most situations, so the visa process is tough... But visit various companies and ask, the worst they can say is no.
  14. We use Cirro, I find it less than stellar and still requires foreflight as the nav model lacks a lot... It is also clutzy to use, and require a separate nav log for accurate timekeeping.
  15. If you are civilian, you have to pass a controlled goods assessment, which is not in itself a security clearance. You have to provide a Enhanced Police Record, detailing everything within the past 10 years I believe, and solid financial records, Then a company person who has been vetted by the government can approve you under the Controlled Goods Act. This will allow for the use and also for transporting the goggles. Cheers W.
  16. I'm sure the windows are the same on the 737-8 max... Not an engineer, but... from a stability standpoint, could you really do any better? local base, with usually a fairly fixed schedule? Now obviously none of that matters if the pay sucks, but that goes into bargaining.
  17. n general the purpose of the per diem payment (or the deduction of expenses when inadequate reimbursements are provided) is to alleviate the burden on taxpayers whose business or employment travel creates duplicated expenses. That is straight from the CRA. Most per diems today are not even close to what the government allows, yet this is tax deductible and can be included in the rate for the aircraft in a per hour basis anyway. At $40 which seems to be the lowest rate today, is 11 dollars short of what CRA considers standard, and does NOT include incidentals. CRA today considers MEAL allowance only to be $90.10 CAD with an additional $17.50 for incidentals. It has nothing to do with supplementing income, but getting businesses into the 21st Century. How many here are issued cellphones from the company? Lap Top Computers? Do you use your own for anything related to the business? hence the increased per diems. $51 + incidentals seem to be the lowest they should be today, unless you feed me on site, then I can accept ONLY incidentals, but if I have to use anything of my own, I should get the current rate at a minimum.
  18. Your latest was wonderful! loved it!
  19. A friend hired a machine in Sweden, for 30 minutes, full cabin on a 206B, $2000+... 30 mins... So we are most decidedly behind the times.
  20. OK, I am trying to argue new rates of Per Diems, but seem to run against a wall of "they are generous enough,,," Any of you fine chaps and chapesses willing to cough up what is the going rate these days? I have had $46 ( 6 years ago), $52 2 years ago, and currently at less than those. Any inuts and arguments are welcomed, even in private. So post here to share, or send a PM so I can do a "survey" to convince the guy in charge we deserve and need more... Cheers W.
  21. Winnie


    Hello Wingman1 Training in Canada can make trouble for you, unless you find work in Canada right after training due to ICAO rules. Canada has a few excemptions, one is to hours required. which means that even if you leave Canada with a commercial license you do not meet the minimum requirement from an EASA standpoint, and will have to cover those. Also in Canada you can't become an instructor and build hours that way. you'd basically have to start as a low timer on the hangar floor. In the US, with the right school (FAR 141 approved) you can get a J1 Visa, which gives you 2 years to get a license, get a job, and build hours quickly so that you can go to Europe (Denmark/Norway perhaps) to convert your license and get a job. It SHOULD be possible to gain about 1000 hours in 2 years if you manage to find a busy school to train and teach. So from that standpoint, US wins hands down. Now... there are numerous schools in Canada, from BC to the east coast, and they should be able to get you a commercial license, but you will struggle to find a job with your possible 18 months left on your visa. and if you DO find a job, you will not gain many hours. this is unfortunate but true, anyone tell you differently are lying. Search for threads in the main forum such as "lowtimers" https://forums.verticalmag.com/topic/22889-where-does-a-lowtime-start/?tab=comments#comment-154205 There are 2 large schools in Florida, and 1 in Oregon that used to do 141 and EASA training, but I'm unsure if I'd recommend the EASA training, simply for the reason that you will leave with virtually no hours. Anyway, that's what I can say so far... Haaber det hjelper lit..
  22. I've done 12.5 in a day... was a LONG A$$ day. Some really long legs too, 2.8 hours one way on a couple of them...
  23. So to clarify the above responses. YES, you can go by yourself and do 3 circuits to become legal (3 takeoffs and landings every 90 days to be current. after that you need to fly 5 take offs and landing within 6 months to maintain currency. The takeoffs and landings MUST include a full take off and landing, so a full circuit. In the US you can do that with Air taxi. Hope that helps.
  24. Yeah, good story man! I ferried an R44 from Torrance to Blenheim, ON. Was quite an adventure, but nothing like yours! My favorite part was the morning we left Dodge City, and I slipped out a "Let's get the **** out of Dodge!" The fuel truck driver said: "I say the same every day..."
  25. Sounds like the master volume is not turned up at all, which is a screw-driver adjustable volume on the actual radio themselves?
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