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  1. It will be interesting to see how TC deal with this as in the US you can get an ATP without ever flying a multi engine aircraft ! i know of multiple guys who hold ATP's and have only flown R22's
  2. Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (military surplus sales)
  3. I also use the acoustic ear plugs with the 25db filter and find them excellent and use them riding bikes as well ! the noise from the helicopter transmission will give you hearing problems and riding bikes wthout hearing protection will give you long term hearing problems Cheers
  4. Still not sure where the info is in the cars and there are three guys who work for Cougar who hold Commercial Ifr and ATPL(H) FAA doing the Aero course and are writing the INRAT this week so they can do the ifr ride
  5. When did it change and where does it say so in the car's because I am in the process of doing my ifr and transport will only except half of my hours that I did in the USA! and I have this from Lindsay Cadenhead at transport in Ottawa and no I dont hold an Faa ifr rating
  6. Once you have a commercial licence that is the minimums to become a flight instructor I have a friend who got their instructor rating (cfi) at 155 total hours Cheers
  7. Sorry have to disagree with you on this if no one gets hired in Canada with 100 hours how come you have a helicopter industry ?
  8. To good to be true ? Ok lets look at the costs for the sucessfull candidate ! Ok if you have no previous experiance 150 hours for a commercial license in the USA 15 hours prep for instructor flight test no minimums 9 months of time for the private and commercial and instructor flight hours 4 written tests private commercial and two flight instructor exams three flight tests pvt comm and instructor Total cost of training 50,000 US dollars min and another 20,000 dollars for living min Then you work for a year to eighteen months earning minimum
  9. Why don't you email them and find out more information of what they are offering ? then put it on the forum make it public knowledge. I know of three helicopter instructors that have worked and don't seem to be rushing back which tells you something !!! What's the going salary for a CFI $50,000+ they probably won't be offering you that LOL
  10. unless you are working for A company that has A FTU I would speak to companys that do and ask if they would employ you ! you will need 30 hours of dual flight instruction from A class 1 instructor at A minimum of 75$ an hour plus the aircraft, also minimum 25 hours of ground instruction from A class 1 instructor and then for the first 100 hours you have to be under the direct supervision of A class 1 or 2 instructor untill you get your class 3 Go to transports web page and look at how many or how few instructors there are in canada then start asking the FTUs if they are after instructo
  11. Thanks Helilog56 for the time to reply. yes I will be getting company training I was just brainstorming for ideas, for a while there thought I had gone to a different forum
  12. OK here goes again! I know how to do power checks for the aircraft I fly,I was just after information on the different ways the drivers out there are doing the checks. and no I dont fly A 206 but will be soon, just wanted I deas on what to expect. If the answer is so simple how come no one can answer it
  13. Ok this is for the Bell 206 drivers out there when you do confined area work how do you know what type of landing / take off are you going to have to do? Is there a way of working out power available for the type of take off IE Vertical /towering/cushion! before you commit yourself for landing? Cheers Taff
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