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  1. I think it’s past due for an overhaul or removal. There wouldn’t be many users willing to use the forum with their actual names and titles I don’t think, perhaps vertical should run a poll and see how many would be willing to participate. Lots of users have disappeared since the original forum conduct post of 9 years ago it seems. I’m one of many opinions and may be wrong but I have been around long enough to see it’s not progressing for the betterment of responsible forum users. It’s really not informative anymore just lots of gossip and trash talk. Lots of bald statements and a
  2. A lot on here have left it behind. You forgot to mention $45/hr, full benefits and a SCHEDULE LOL. Likely home way more I’m assuming too.
  3. I’m still rockin my old msa gallet, yet to find anything better
  4. I know several Canadian companies working in the USA and the employees from Canada for sure have to, and did get work visas wether working on N or C registered aircraft as a Canadian AME OR A&P that is 100%. Outside of North America I know guys that worked in Africa Asia Australia Russia Europe and India and did have to get local licenses in certain circumstances but as far as the agreements with other countries with said companies from Canada it would be per country foreign trade and or bilateral agreement(s) for international travellers / workers. Some of the guys I know went to suppor
  5. Not legally, you can’t even work for a Canadian company operating in the USA without a visa. Some companies try the old “tell homeland security you’re just going down to supervise a ✌️Local technician✌️“, you being the local technician once you smuggle yourself in. It’s not worth it, they’re more concerned with protecting local workers than ever these days, if you get caught you’ll be banned. You have to be sponsored by a USA company for an appropriate visa which is getting increasingly more expensive. That said, USA companies do like Canada’s AME’s workmanship and if you do find one and
  6. This “whole thing” is in desperate need of some kind of standardization.
  7. That is not rough maintenance conditions, not by Canadian standards anyways
  8. The reason I said that was because of the negative comment towards a certain company. I agree with Pool Pilot 💯
  9. And it was, lots of brave anonymity’s on this forum with zero accountability. Personally I think the forums should be completely deleted.
  10. I think that company will surprise the industry in a few years. They have some keen younger and bright family members coming into the fold that have the right attitude. Nothing stays the same, give it time.
  11. That would be the tail end of the boomers. Most are well into their 60s now and lots still working. Colleges and flight schools have been talking about this mass exodus for 30 years, it’s not going to happen the way it was predicted I don’t think. Since then there’s been a two major economic downturns, one worse than the Great Depression and a global pandemic. Most will work until they can’t with the way the economy has been the last ten plus years. As for commodities, there is plenty of infrastructure in place for that demand, flying drills won’t be needed as it was before with more mod
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