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  1. Depending on your province you need an HST Number and Registered Business License. HST number from Service Canada and license number from your provincial business service bureau. You can register as an incorporation or limited company for liability reasons or go sole proprietorship if you’re just working for yourself under the umbrella of an AOC/AMO. An accountant is a good resource for any contracting to help you amortize your assets, file your quarterly return etc. Hope this helps.
  2. I skimmed over the post but I didn’t see Turbowest
  3. Truer words are not possible. The helisexuals of the industry ruin it for everyone
  4. As promised... https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/corporate/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/travel-directive/appendix-c-meals-allowances.html
  5. Federal rates are up now as of 2017 and they should be paying $81.15 If memory serves and incidentals is the age old $17.50. Again I go by federal rates and am a contractor so it’s different with “full time” employees. Will follow this with the link in a second.
  6. Until things happen no one knows, good grief maybe there will be mergers maybe new companies will form.... I've been around long enough to know things change so much that until things happen it isn't so! This is getting ridiculous, I said what I heard and that's all I'm going to say. rhis went on a tangent way off the rails ......
  7. Oh well some people need drama in their lives. I for one don't lol
  8. Had I said "an unspecified group of companies" in lieu of "six" in my original post in sure people would have jumped on that too. Jeez like walking on egg shells in these forums
  9. Read the rules of conduct. Spreading names in any industry like that is garbage. My original post was to wish struggling companies well "THATS IT"
  10. I was merely stressing how hard things were by citing things I've heard. (a) Who cares about naming names & (2) it's not my business to disclose specifics on a public forum with a headlining disclaimer and code of conduct. Things will rear their heads themselves and my crystal ball is broken... Especially with this industry lol
  11. I've heard from a few sources, heard the names too but it isn't "all" from the horses mouth so I won't say. I'm not trying to single anyone out and it doesn't matter who is suffering. The fact that 6 companies may no longer exist is all I was pointing out. It's tough times and wish everyone luck staying alive.
  12. There are 6 operators shutting down in BC this year and 7 mediums I know of not flying this season coming...... That's huge.... Everyone keep your pants done up
  13. Bell 206 tab tools "new style" as well as as350 needed. Inbox me if you have a set you want to get rid of.
  14. @DirtyBH47 YA man I was looking at that as well. That's decent pay, heavy duty is alright but it's heavy work not for most people... I'll look into it too haha
  15. PS heavy duty and welding are the two most in demand trades in alberta. Good for thought
  16. All you wrenches in alberta might wanna start thinking about challenging years in a similar trade. I did it glad I did. Rotary industry is on its knees and it's been getting worse every year since 2008. Best of luck to everyone
  17. For those that havent read a dictionary... trade trād/ noun a skilled job, typically one requiring manual skills and special training. "the fundamentals of the construction trade" synonyms: craft, occupation, job, career, profession, business, line of work, line, métier, vocation, calling, walk of life, field; work, employment, livelihood
  18. After over 12 years of field maintenance repair and overhauling aircraft and engines AME is 100% a trade. It's just not a "red seal" or provincially controlled trade, it is a federal license. That's why the other trades won't credit the experience because they have no reference to cirriculum or knowledge. A red deal trade however is INDUSTRY CONTROLLED. And that is why you are allowed to challenge all but one year "1500hrs work and 8 weeks school in alberta". It is doable but not the most thorough way to get trained. You just have to convince the employer of your competence going in and they can grant you hours based on your past experience. Look into it I did it and glad I did.... Still working on aircraft too. Best of luck!
  19. You have to do at least one year of school
  20. You need to be licensed and the thing is you need to convince your employer of your competence. They can sign for all hours minus one year if you challenge exams. That's for any related trade. I have documents somewhere but it's not public ally published. You need to go see AIT and they will print it out for you
  21. Yup in alberta you can challenge all years minus one for an applicable trade. I did it and am also a red seal heavy duty. Inbox me
  22. If he is still in limbo I would also agree to STAY AWAY as a career. As a hobby go for it if you have the $$$. Essential Helicopters North Bay has an awesome family of trainers Lavern is great. I worked with them at Gateway and I'm their favorite wrench well I think so anyways. Whatever you choose put your family first and if you do want to do it for a living do it part time "if that's possible".
  23. Follow the airframe and engine inspection criteria and ICA's. Custom sheets in the companies I've seen them in are riddled with problems. So long as the guy on the machine as current engine TU statuses and airframe mod list it's pretty simple. That and the fact there are so many changes in the maintenance schedules in airframe and engine manuals you don't have to constantly ammend stupid custom stuff. Just how I learned from the old boys and it's always worked for me. Good luck!
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