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  1. A celebration of Bob's life will be held at 1:00 PM on Saturday,November 14,2009 at Calvary Temple, 400 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bob would have probably have given me a boot in my rear end if he knew I had put this on here. Many thanks folks for the kind words and thoughts. Rick C.
  2. Yesterday I lost my brother Bob to cancer after a long battle with it. I have so many fond memories of him when we were growing up back in Kenora.He will be missed by so many. Rick C.
  3. I must be getting old because Ican only recall two chain failures at Midwest when I worked for them from 1976 to 1997 .I don't recall this incident and I was in Pickle for most of the time working on the 204s.As the tale goes it may be true as at one time Midwest was running 8 or 9 204's.I may have been off on time off then. after several years of working in places like Pickle/Hidden Bay ,Sask. Ican honestly tell you that you can shove those places where the sun don't shine.
  4. My favourite would have to be the FROEBE built in some farmers barn back when our own "Cap" was just starting his flying career,long before my time. Fokelore has it that Cap soloed on it. anyone who would have climbed onto that tractor seat and spun that sucker up must of had guts.The story I heard was that Cap went swooping down Portage Avenue at low level to the delight of all the young women working downtown ,then he pulled it up into a spectacular hammerhead when the cyclic snapped off.Cap bailed out and did a triple gainer and ending it with a monumentous belly flop into the Red River whe
  5. DGP Ah yes I do recall that fiasco.To use ol' Jungle George's saying...I laughted so hard I thought my pants would never dry. I've always wondered' if your brain freezes would you be normal after it thaws out.......But what if you were'nt normal before the Big Freeze..... Ray G. wants me to go buy a jug and join him when we go tovisit the Hose Bag and the Porker at their workplace.Would probably be good for a few laughs. Come and join us.....Otooley
  6. Cap you ol' dog. If you're refering to a tail boom being burnt to rat poop, I may be able to help you on this. As it was me and another unnamed individual who cooked the boom when refueling. I can't recall if it was SHB or SHK. I crapped my pants when i heard the big WAAAWOOOOMPH The pilot went south and I went north at warp speed. You cannot imagine how fast you can run when your scared @hitless. Hope your getting yourself back into shape......OTOOLEY
  7. we tried making the endless straps uneven ....still spun and swayed side to side..we tried it with the apex of the rafters up......tried it with it down...no luck...when ever he got it up to about 30mph all **** wold break loose.each trip was about 10 miles.These were also rafters premade 30 footers,and it was a 204 we were using to haul .It was a long day and colder than **** ...gusty too....maybe that had something to do with the way they flew?
  8. I'm interested to hear some of your techniques to having a load of wooden rafters from a house..fly so they don't spin or start swaying to the point that I thought it was going to be tit's up in the wabigoon. At the time we were short lining.We had tied a fair sized spruce tree on one end but that didn't work...it still spun....I was glad to get on the ground and let the pilot do the rest of the loads himself...Over to you.......
  9. DGP There's another event that put a smile on my face. The 204 driver landed on a banana peel and lost control.The stinger on the 204 also stuck a crease in the old brown ford truck.Both pilot and engineer had to go and put on new Depends.Seems to me there was6 or 7 204's and 2 212's all lined up in a row. Take care Dougie......O.T
  10. Cap-----Please check your Pm's if you get a chance .
  11. Matador..........With the name Leo ,would you possibly mean The Great Dane....I worked with Leo many years ago before he went to Frontier and yes he is a great guy.Haven't talked to him for several years but last I heard he was in Chile. Otooley
  12. Cap Please for the goodness of humanity,Please do not even contemplate the horrific thought of you being a contestant in a Wet-T shirt contest......My tender little stomach would never be able to stay down.....Just friendly advice from an X-co-worker and friend...........Otooley
  13. I got this story from the pilot involved in this sling job He was to move a drill camp to another set up...all went well until they wanted the portable sheet-house moved.They hooked on a lanyard to the lifting ring on the roof...but they forgot to empty the contents first...Pilot comes in and is hooked up and away he goes..as the speed gets up the house starts spinning faster and faster.He finally gets it on site and plunks it down...The drill forman opens the door..staggers back,and says "Holy Sheeeeet"...that's all she wrote for this Sheet House".....with all the spinning it acted like
  14. Which was quickly followed by an upper cut to the jaw.....a stunning left to Aholes cauliflowered ear...as he went down DGP ripped out the cyclic stick and gave the BOZO the ' Lights Out " call.......DGP calmly sauntered back to his canvass abode and resumed reading Readers Digest.....God I love this job,says he. How do you like me so far,DGP....... Best regards........sure would like to spend another time at the Big A reminising of the ol' times.......Otooley....your sparing partner!
  15. Many years ago, my late Father who flew F/W bush,had to go and pick up some fishermen..er fisherpeople which is the correct term nowadays.He was to go somewhere in Quetico Park in North western Ontario to pick them up.As he was loading them up along came the OMNR and check on all the people.Then they went and searched the Norseman and found my Father's broken down 12 gauge which he always carried for his own part of his survival kit.They charged him with having a gun in a Provincial Park .It went to court and the Judge threw it out of court as he agreed it was part of Dad's survival kit.Can yo
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