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  1. Outwest: Do you mean that CHC WILL HAVE TO re-register and Canadian registered A/C operating in Foreign lands? I was just checking and we have at least 20 aircraft currently operating around the world with Canadian register on them. I have not heard of any plans to change them but that does not mean it will not happen. Lots of things happen at CHC I do not hear about. Could be one reason why they are going to Cayman registered aircarft? Halifax will not be a issue soon since the aircraft in Halifax will all have Cougar on the side of them. This will end any CHC aircarft operating in Canada for the time being.
  2. Johns not following your post Ontario 2012, next? What does that mean? Ontario is Ornge country for the air ambulance business and with there newly purchased 139´s will be there for some time. Only thing I know is CHL might not supply pilots and engineers to Ornge after that time when there contract ends. I am assuming if they don´t contract the crews will hire there own?
  3. The difference is: Flogging a beaver is a lot more fun then flying a Heli
  4. Sudden Stop: Yes I stand corrected Inuit is the correct name and not Eskimos, excuse me if I might have offended someone. Old Dog, yes I remember a lot of the Okanagan engineers you mentioned both from working along side on contracts with my days with Shirley and Quasar and then when I joined Okanagan in 1985. Niel the wild scotsman reminds me when I first met him, was up on Lougheed Island, one night he was cleaning the grease off the rotor head on the S61 using a bucket of varsol and using his bare hands. Was anywhere from -20 to -40 outside and I thought this guy is crazy. Which was true and especially when he and Matt were together. Good times but in no hurry to go back. I now work where it never snows and 15 degrees C is a cold day and I only return to Canada for a visit in the summer when there is only a remote chance it might snow.
  5. Yes remember those days on Lougheed Island and Graham island, in November and December , with a Shirley Bell 212 , sling loads to the drilling sites. Pilot left side would take off visual using the bubble door window and then pass over controls to the Pilot on the right who would fly the leg on instruments until they reached the sling load drop off point. Then when the left side pilot had visual would take the controls again. Worked very well and was very dark, I remember we would only see a glow in the south for about 30 minutes each day (??) Night. Not to mention the eskimos who patrolled around our 212 and the Ok´s S61 making sure the polar bears did not sneak up on us engineers while working on the aircraft. Flew 300 hours in 5 weeks, One captain, one co-pilot, one engineer and a apprentice. So much for duty days and flight hour restrictions back in the early 80´s. Was quite a experience.
  6. R22: RB is going to Australia to be the Managing director for CHC Australia opeations.
  7. Tree: don´t ready to much into that report. There is a ASB 92-63-022A to replace the filter bowl with the new improved version is due to be accomplished by Feb 16, 2010. So I would think most 92´s will have all ready accomplished the filter bowl assembly replacement by the time the European directive becomes mandatory.
  8. Vortex: Actually Bell repo´d the aircraft at Quasar´s hangar in Abbotsford after they test flew and found it serviceable. In early 1985. STQ was ferried back from Tuk in January of 1985 along with QHI (212) after the contract with Beudril finished.
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