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  1. Ok never thought about the province using a heavy lift heli for flood work. Cool to see a unique machine out on the prairies. :up:
  2. Saw what I believe is a Ka-32 flying into Winnipeg. What would it be doing on the prairies? Like this one http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?23284-Ka-32A-in-Switzerland
  3. Like wise I am not trying to start a fight. I completely agree that operating a Heli from a fire camp is very different to the crew finishing their day on a Boeing 737. However the CAR’s have been split into different levels in an attempt to reflect different operations. In their present form however they are vague as to other duties outside of flying the machine. There is guidance material that states that your rest period needs to be free from all duties. Also some other guidance http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/commerce-manuals-guidance700-material-3359.htm My duty day ends when all I have finished wiping down and any other “company” duties are complete. My rest period begins when I get home, the hotel room, tent, etc. allowing time for personal hygiene. Cheers
  4. I see your point there....... but I was thinking more like the DHC-2 kind
  5. So how is flying a Heli any different than flogging a Beaver around all day?
  6. Winnipeg police are looking at a Helicopter….3 million to buy and 1 million per year to run. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/opinion/c...s-78300752.html As city police in Canada look to add helicopters to their departments I get the feeling they are picking a “Rolls-Royce” when a “Chevy” might do the job. Might a R44, used Bell 206, or used MD500 do the job? Or does the tax payer have to pony up and buy a brand new turbine?
  7. How about turbine blade icing?
  8. It is in Part 1 subpart 1, Interpretation CAR 101 http://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/Regserv/...t1/Subpart1.htm "suitable accommodation" - means a single-occupancy bedroom that is subject to a minimal level of noise, is well ventilated and has facilities to control the levels of temperature and light or, where such a bedroom is not available, an accommodation that is suitable for the site and season, is subject to a minimal level of noise and provides adequate comfort and protection from the elements;
  9. That video makes me remember what a wise seasoned pilot once told me. “Before you lift off take a good look all around and most importantly look up for wires, obstructions and other aircraft! Even when you just landed, there may be things you missed.” To Err is human…….do not become complacent.
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