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  1. She is a rather intresting person, i've seen/heard her tear a aussie a new one for paperwork (when i was in a office two walls and windows away) but if you got your paperwork together shes ok, heck she even waived some endorsement fees for me.
  2. Been reading your blog, and have enjoyed reading it, Congrats on the flight test! Best of luck in the job hunt, keep us updated!
  3. I've sat in on the Aero Course Instrument rating where Peter Shewring was the instructor, highly recommend him, well worth the cash, and their gouges of exam questions are updated every few weeks or so.
  4. If your willing to go, American Eurocopter offers AS355 Training, see http://www.eurocopterusa.com/Training/TrainingHome.asp for info.
  5. Blackcomb Helicopters/Omega have 2 Twinstars as well as Helico 2000 in Quebec (I think that was their name)
  6. My condolences to the Norie family, and to Frank's friends. A true industry pioneer, God speed. I found this poem on another aviation site: Flying West I hope there's a place, way up in the sky, Where pilots can go, when they have to die. A place where a guy can buy a cold beer For a friend and a comrade, whose memory is dear; A place where no doctor or lawyer can tread, Nor a management type would ere be caught dead; Just a quaint little place, kind of dark, full of smoke, Where they like to sing loud, and love a good joke; The kind of a place where a lady cou
  7. A pool pilot is a pilot that travels from base to base, field job to field job, filling in everywhere the company/customer needs them, where as a base pilot flies out of a fixed location (town) for the company. A pool pilot generally works a shift of X weeks on/ X weeks off.
  8. Any word what changes they will make changes to Bailey? or just let DP run the place.
  9. I was in a similiar situation with TC, with my vision, I cannot even see the big E on the chart, as well as I have astigmatism, so between the two, I cannot see 20/200 uncorrected which is in the CAR's for eye sight uncorrected, but with correction (I use glasses/contact lenses) I can see 20/20. So what happend with my Class 1 Medical was, is a report from my Eye Dr. was obtained, kicked over to TC, they reviewed the file, and gave me a Class 1 Medical. TC has the final say in this kind of situation. Hope this helps. Matt
  10. In the start menu, Right click on the program (in this case OPEN350), click properties, in the properties box, go to the compatibility tab, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and in the drop down box select OS of choice (Win XP in this case) hit Apply, then OK. Hope this helps, Matt
  11. Congrats once again Cole, It's been a pleasure to read your blog, brought back memories of my own training (wow I'm starting to sound like a old guy). Best of luck in your career, tho I'm sure you will go as far as you want to, The world is your oyster, (insert some more inspirational quotes here haha) I know you will do very well in this industry, Good Luck on the next part of the adventure. Matt CYYJ
  12. Great Entry Cole, looking forward to the pictures, your making me re-live my own training (man that makes me sound old), Cant wait to hear more about LL'ing.
  13. Cole: We are all waiting to hear another edition of the blog, come on and post! I have a feeling somthing very cool happend......
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