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  1. I have a hard time accepting the thoughts of Mr. Suzuki, and Mr. Al Gore. This kick for global warming and the new craze of biofuel is for the birds. A few questions to ask yourself before you feel bad about passing gas which may cause the room temp to rise .05 deg Celsius: 1- Ethanol/Hydrogen....... how much fossil fuels do you burn to create enough ethanol/hydrogen to make it worth the effort to create so every one can convert their gas jobs over? Why else would oil companies sell a watered down fuel for the same price (example Husky, and BP) if it didn't make them more money? Have
  2. Used the All Terrain picker, was good not to have to worry about knocking pins over, but the snow and all of the plastic dosn't help. Also heard of a guy who couldn't get the plunger to drop in a stiff wind. Conquest's are a piece of S***. I think that they should all be thrown in a lake...... along with the pins and cones. Too bad plastic dosn't sink. Never tried the Mr.T Ruperts Land is awsome. Nice and stable, hood actually guides the picker onto the pin (dosn't knock pin out of cone like the conquest one) and you can layout with it. bell boy
  3. I shure would like to meet "The Last Pilot"...... He always can lift more, do it faster in the most s&*ty weather known to man. If you find him let me know! BB
  4. Well I am disappointed to see this topic on vertical. I am sorry for those I am about to offend but this is 80% of my income. Being a pilot working in the ALB, B.C. and the USA for the oil and gas industry I have a hard time swallowing the fact that I am killing Mother Earth. Yes the fuel consumption of the AS350B2 that I fly is not the best, but when you look at the miles of road, diesel, and ground disturbance saved by my helicopter… what is the difference? Hard as we must try to “Save the Earth” I figure we should first try to look at what really is happening in NE B.C. and ALB w
  5. Food for thought I was landing in an oil well with a couple passengers with a Jetranger, although the snow wasn't up to the belly of the a/c, the bear paws were holding my tail in the air. As my passengers got out the same side and stepped around the skid to the cargo door they must have loosend the snow under the bear paw and caused the left side to sink. It wasn't enough to cause a problem (still at 100% rpm) but it got my heart a pumping!! After that I explain in my saftybriefs about the bearpaws and why to stay away when in deep snow. BB
  6. I know when i met Peter he was living in Hana or Drumheller alberta but I could be wrong and that was 5 years ago. Bell Boy
  7. Well i don't know much about the Gallet, but i have had my Alpha (900?) for 5 years and have had no problems. Going to need a new one in a few years and I will be getting another. Bell Boy
  8. Got my licence with **** Wood out of Merrit B.C. (Valley Helicopters) in 2000. Was in a BH47 (C-FKNC) and i would have to say I'm more partial to the 47 over the R22.
  9. Going to be doing some recurent training on the as350B2 and an endorsment on the 500. Wondering if anyone knows where to download a manual or find one online. Thanks bellboy
  10. and sorry Twinstar, to keep this from happening again I would, have my passenger clean it off as we went along. The wells we were going to were mostly new lease sites, I hounded the oil company for pads or timbers to land on and they got crews to build helipads at all the new wells. It was just a cold enough day with lots of soft mud. Bell Boy
  11. downwash I am still looking for a find like that, great story. Twinstar you are right, dynamic rollover was high on my mind. This happened after about 15 takeoffs and landings in 2 hrs of flying. I let my passenger out with it still spooled up, and of course being an operator he screwed off before I could get him to chip it off. By this time I was sitting full weight on it for about 5-10 min so figured if they were going to bust loose they would have done it by now. Although that was the longest 2 min cooldown in history! Took about 10 gal of hot water and a little elbow grease to cle
  12. Forgot about this spring I picked up some mud, getting to be that time of year again. Keep the shiny side up guys bell Boy
  13. Came across an old Merlin V12 engine on the beach of a lake, but didn't think the R44 would pick it up.
  14. Vermouth: bought a ique 3600A ( the aviation model) this spring, and after the first flight I realized it was a piece of crap. Was constantly rebooting and freezing up on me in flight. I got a second one to try and the same with it. Was tired of looseing my waypoints, so I returned it. Still using my trusty garmin 72. Couple of guys at work with the ique3600 and they all seem to love it. not shure about OZI compatibility though. Bell Boy
  15. I know in a couple of cases where I work, when a pilot is at 1300-1400hrs the boss will arange with either Contrail, or the company to get the pilot on the job for a 1500hr contract. "Is it because foreigners (like in so many other industries) are willing to work in places we as Canadians feel are uncomfortable / undesirable ?" I don't think that is so much the case as they are sponsored to work by the helicopter company; Therefore, taking away any leverage at the barganing table when it is time to ask for a raise. they are forced to just work without any say weather they are happy
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