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  1. I don't know the 92 with FBW, but the one with regular flight controls that I have flown had limitations of when to use the Flight director in relation of the height and speed of the A/C. On top of my head it was 120 knots below 200 feet you could not fly the aircraft couple with the FD. Also other type that I have flown, the use on the automation during low level fly was not recommended. FH
  2. They found the wreckage but not the pilot. Sad news, me best regard to the family. See link below: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/north/story/2010/...pilot-body.html FH
  3. Not MGB leak but Hydraulic leak. See below A North Sea helicopter travelling from Sola airport near Stavanger out to the Ekofisk accommodation installation in the Norwegian sector had to make an emergency landing on the Tor platform after a technical problem. Offshore247.com's sister site Offshore.no reported that the helicopter, a Sikorsky S92a aircraft operated by Norske Helikopter – now renamed Bristows Norway AS, was involved in the incident yesterday. “There was a minor leak in a hydraulic system and the pilot chose to land on the nearest platform,” a Bristows Norway source
  4. Good day mmck, here some info , which were missing from the news report: 1-The Australian incident was cause by improper maintenance pratices. I guess that why the stud replacement was required to be change during a year period. 2-The aircraft RFM is explicit about lost of all oil pressure for the MGB: land or ditch immediatly. If you oil pressure is above 5 psi and no others indication than you can continue to fly. FH
  5. Which version do you need: A-B-A++-C-C+ or C++
  6. Hi Wally, just PM me your adress and I will burn you a CD. Cheers FH
  7. Try ebay, I saw a use one. Cheers FH
  8. It seem that CHL will do find without CHC, I wished them the best. Cheers FH
  9. Félicitations à la famille Leroux et on leur souhaite tout le bonheur du monde. Famille de Québec :up:
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