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  1. Ian is correct in my opinion, many non AMO operators have part time PRM's. Depending on fleet size 1 day a week would be adequate in many cases. I would say making 70K a year for one day a week most likely working from home drinking scotch is a far better deal then 120K a year in Baker Lake eating mosquito's all day and running from Grizzly bears at night but hey I have most definitely gotten soft.
  2. Yes seems like people are itching for confrontation on this site. Nothing much going on in Eastern Ontario but that is normal. East of Ontario cold and wet. I find that if you get past May 24 in Ontario with no fires that it will be a slow year. To those with the great contracts you might want to salt some of that revenue away, I predict some lean years ahead.
  3. I strongly recommend (from experience) that Jet B never be burned in your kerosene heater. 😁 Jet A only.
  4. 1. I would expect your experience would count, CAA system pretty close to Transport Canada. They will review your file and let you know. Air Regs exam as a minimum. 2. Pay is pretty good these days but not sure how it would compare to NZ.
  5. My condolences to the family. Doug was a fixture in the helicopter repair and overhaul business in Ontario. I did not know Doug on a personal level but respected him as a business owner and employer. Many respected helicopter engineers got their start at Uscan. I suspect he was involved until the end. RIP Doug.
  6. Update: I guess Fred is retiring from the HAC. Job posting in Helicopters today. I personally think Fred did a great job and I wish him all the best in the future.
  7. I heard it was a Long line/ Bucket incident. Pilot picked up off the roof of the aircraft by another aircraft working the fire as the 212 sunk. Submerged with one MR blade visible only. As mentioned above Pilot sore but not seriously injured (lets hope that is true).
  8. Changed a Turbine on one of the fires (Custom Heli) B206 Ceco FCU after fire. Boss tells pilot "you better monitor that TOT when you shut down, you just cost the company $80K". After Turbine change I go up with the pilot to do a power check etc. after landing he cools it down shuts off the fuel and completely ignores the instruments.
  9. HAC in the past would at least publish a newsletter/ message from president each month. Nothing since April? Seems this is a busy year with many things going on that effect our industry, I am interested in what is going on. I emailed and received a response that "Fred is out Flying"?
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