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  1. FYI, both Wayne and Dave OK and no further info regarding the cause at the moment. NZ pilot injured in PNG chopper crash 5:22PM Tuesday February 12, 2008 A New Zealand pilot has been seriously injured after the helicopter he and another pilot was flying crashed in Papua New Guinea today. A Medevac rescue helicopter flew Wayne Hartley and PNG national David Inau to the capital, Port Moresby, where they were being treated in hospital. Both were in a serious but stable condition, a Medevac spokesman said. Tony McNabb, who flew the rescue mission, said it appeared the pi
  2. Walter, Thankyou from downunder to those of us with serious personal and professional interest in this event. Glad to hear Greg is Ok and Mike also. Long time no hear - find me on Facebook these days and SKYPE when you have time. Take care Stephen.
  3. I posted this a couple of years ago elsewhere. Nice to see Rainman is starting to age....must be the beard. Now, I have had a licence for a few years. Lots of medicals under the bridge and I have only ever had one done to the exact standard of the year before....and that was the class 1 medical you get in about 10mins, involving lots of pen work. Yes - No, are you suicidal? heart disease? drink? take drugs?, she'll be right ... OK, that's a $100 thanks. Those are the good ones. Experiences to date: I had one today in NZ and this doctor gets the award for only the 4th
  4. HEY! that was my idea... and I've got witnesses to prove it My thoughts involved a bright pink R44, 3 'ladies' and a 2 on, 2 off rotation through the Alberta oil patch.
  5. My thoughts and memories of Dave Narr are great. A good bloke and a lot of fun. I just wish now he had found that copilot job on the logging machine he wanted... May he rest in peace and not be forgotten.
  6. I, like Autorelight, had a nightmare of a time with the US distributor. I gave up trying to repair the situation and still have not had my damaged visor replaced from 2003. The helmet is great generally but I took off my hard cover since it kept slammig into everything and velcroed on a leather home made job. I agree the speakers are average but I think the budget foam seals are the issue there. I like the helmet and would recommend it.
  7. OLD BULL - Nope shaggin keeps me fit. ....just gotta keep finding a younger one each time.
  8. Yeah well thanks guys??? Just a simple question really to access the GOOD brains on this site. I only have 250hrs of 120/150ft time and have yet to break anything. I fly loads at 100% of the weight the machine can tolerate and sometimes (as we do) I manage a little bit more. The idea of the thread/question was just to generate a bit of thinking and discussion from blokes with 1000's of hours in this area. Believe it or not, I believe the Canadians are the worlds best longline pilots. Leave the bickering at the door. I can build drills, swing bags and fuel without too much effort
  9. Cheers, I like to add more ideas to the knowledge bank. I also look for the head position of the drillers. Them looking up or down is a good cue to the arrival of the load. Shadowing definately makes the job easier. I find the big issues always is the lack of power due to changing conditions or the ambitions of the drill crew... Oh! for an Astar... Any further clues out there lads? Cheers
  10. Well I am off to move a drill this week and having not flown a line (or machine...) for 3 months, I thought a discussion about techniques and tricks for better performance on the line might be worthwhile to get the head in the game. So, for all you guru's out there some questions to illuminate us lesser experienced. How do you judge your load height during the final stages of the approach? What airspeed do you aim to maintain to keep the load flying to the spot? Do you try to leave loads 10% below gross for more flexibility? What other clues and tips do you have for th
  11. Hey stop laughing - I used to fly one of those #### things
  12. Gut wrenching news. Yet another of our collegues not around and families left alone. I hope the families are well cared for. My respect and condolences to all who knew these guys. The feeling is too familiar.
  13. Righto... I'm off then to walk up and check for skid prints. Call you lot in a month and let you know the skinny. We'll get to the bottom of this!
  14. Hey AR, well I got a float pilot a job last year in NZ but he changed his mind. There are plenty of Canadians in Australia and PNG but the work is harder to find since they have the same amount of pilots/population and a third (?) less aircraft...
  15. Message recieved T-Rex. Please mail me at professionalhelicopters@sympatico.ca I will reply ASAP.
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