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  1. I enjoy it. With the right guy on the gun and good communication its no more dangerous than any of the other foolish jobs we do with a helicopter on a regular basis. I think power line work is probably worst. Everything there wants to kill you and your exposure time is a lot longer. Net gun your exposure time is pretty short when you look at a whole day of it. Most of the day is spent locating the animal, on the ground doing what ever it was they wanted to do with the animal in the first place and then untangling the dam net and so on. A couple min persuading it to go where you want it and get it in the net then its all over till the next one.
  2. Now that's funny!!
  3. I have never seen the log book time and the invoiced time match ever.
  4. My wife and one of her coworkers have the pants and say that there great. Seem to be top quality.
  5. Don't use ATF for an additive contary to what a lot of old timers will say. One time they use to say it was good for cleaning injectors. It has friction modifiers in it and is designed not to burn. Basic non detergent 2 stroke oil is one of your cheapest and best lube options from the tests I've read in my research. Ive burned lots of Jet A with 2 stroke oil trouble free in a common rail cummins. Also use to add some power service as well to boost the cetane #'s as jet fuel is low in cetane.One thing to think about jet fuel though and new diesels with emission systems like exhaust filters is jet fuel contains a lot of sulphur that would clog emissions crap. I wouldn't run Jet B in my truck though to get back to the original question.
  6. What's the process with getting custom plugs at costco? Did you need to order another cable to use or did the originals with the foam tips work? Sorry not trying to hijack. Call Rob at Merriet, a wealth of info and can help you out with the ANR,
  7. Thanks RDM good to see ya back on here. Never know what the future can bring!!
  8. One of my JI favourites "I can teach a monkey to fly, but can't teach it to think" or "better to fly on a good night than a bad day"
  9. Call Rob at Merit Apparel **** help ya out. Great guy.
  10. With reference to your response to my posting related to MALI, I will give you a short history on the Griffon helicopter. To start of the Huey (204B) was a nine(9) pass helicopter used for utility support, as was the extended,  (14) pass 205A-1, then along came the Bell 212 (twin eng, same modified airframe)

    Bell decided to take the original modified 205A-1 airframe, modified it to build the 212 (Twin Eng), modified the same airframe to become a 412 also known as the "Griffon".

    The Griffon is an of the shelf, FAA & TCA approved civilian helicopter, modified by the Canadian military for military use.

    The ex military B204, 205, 212 all have military parts and are not FAA or TCA approved for civilian applications.

     Clear as mud, eh?


    1. MEOB


      Makes lots of sense!!

  11. Just look at the submarine disaster. Im scared when the military says it buying "new" gear. Griffin will get replaced with Hueys
  12. Not entirely true. Ive worked on union jobs without being in the union.
  13. Its not just the linesman on the rope. The ones on the skid or in the bucket all make more. And don't even start on a crane operator. I one made that comment on a job about the difference in pay between the two after a discussion with a crane operator the guy looked at me and said well just look at the responsibility a crane operator has i looked at him with a blank stare and he responded ya disregard that one. Its a good thing I do this for the enjoyment as once I get my self through the BS I still really do enjoy flying after 16 years. Ive also been luck enough to maintain full time good paying employment.But the industry is far from paying enough to justify what the risks and responsibility is let alone the legal BS thats breathing down our necks waiting for us to slip. Why do i enjoy this again
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