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  1. Should just get some Black Hawk variant and be done with it.
  2. Ya I kind of went off track a little....
  3. Wow, a lot of pissed off people here!... Yes the industry is in the toilet. Not sure how a jr pilot would get going now let alone get through client hour requirements. But someone will have to figure out something. I guess left seat mentoring would be possible in a medium or bigger but will be a lot harder to do in a light aircraft. After 20 years I can say I still love flying! I was well informed of what I was getting into before I started and can thank RDM for that. I'm not saying its all peachy but some of those buckets and outhouses have been in some pretty cool places and I've gotte
  4. Custom is owned by the group that owns Provincial airlines and Innu Mikun the twin otter operator in Labrador. Logical move. They’ve had machines in Labrador in the past short term.
  5. I’m sure the employees (some being there for over 30 years) who received an email at 06:00 in the morning would of loved some empathy as well. It’s not humiliation it’s the truth! People that hold these positions should be responsible for their actions as it affects not just what was once a well managed company but many families as well.
  6. Generic email, how cowardly is that, you would think with all the colorful adds in the employment section from CT he could of helped SC out in that dept. Make you wonder what was told to the board and how gullible they were. Cant imagine the amount of bullshit they were fed to allow it to get that bad. Sad this had to happen to such a history rich company they held on for 57 years or so and all the great employees that have been there forever. Most started there career there as junior pilots and apprentices.
  7. I spent 10 years with the old UHNL before it was sold, some of the best days of my career! Sad to hear the news today. End of an era! PW (lady K 😉) and later GG knew how to run an aviation business and what worked. The new management ran it into the ground with horrible decisions, wasting money in useless places and chasing international pipe dreams that did nothing but cost money they didn’t have while the little bit of local work that was still left got the cold shoulder. I feel bad for the guys and gals that were left behind. Lots of good people in there.
  8. Yes you got that right, I suspect there are a few that are still alive that are shaking their heads. Not the same place now. Far from it. Been slowly sinking since it was sold by Steele
  9. Yes Universal. Last time I was talking to my buddy over there I was told they kept two pilots in Labrador, one is the CP and two in Newfoundland and one of those is the ops manager. Sad, must be the first time in the 50 odd years they been around that there were layoffs for full time employees. There still doing a bit of work in the states. Be interesting to see what Polar Shelf does this spring if anything.
  10. One company here in the East let pretty much let everyone go with the exception of the management.
  11. And the first or second storm when you really need/want it you'll find it half sunk in the lake with everyone saying what horrible idea the shelter is...... Personally I think its a great idea and design I've been on lots of jobs where something like this would have made life a lot easier and more comfortable for the engineers. Like Blackmac said any one that has worked on the Polar Shelf project and has changed an engine under a parachute on the ice would appreciate one of these, now clearly you wouldn't fly one around for that purpose but you get the point.
  12. I enjoy it. With the right guy on the gun and good communication its no more dangerous than any of the other foolish jobs we do with a helicopter on a regular basis. I think power line work is probably worst. Everything there wants to kill you and your exposure time is a lot longer. Net gun your exposure time is pretty short when you look at a whole day of it. Most of the day is spent locating the animal, on the ground doing what ever it was they wanted to do with the animal in the first place and then untangling the dam net and so on. A couple min persuading it to go where you want it and get
  13. I have never seen the log book time and the invoiced time match ever.
  14. My wife and one of her coworkers have the pants and say that there great. Seem to be top quality.
  15. Don't use ATF for an additive contary to what a lot of old timers will say. One time they use to say it was good for cleaning injectors. It has friction modifiers in it and is designed not to burn. Basic non detergent 2 stroke oil is one of your cheapest and best lube options from the tests I've read in my research. Ive burned lots of Jet A with 2 stroke oil trouble free in a common rail cummins. Also use to add some power service as well to boost the cetane #'s as jet fuel is low in cetane.One thing to think about jet fuel though and new diesels with emission systems like exhaust filters is
  16. What's the process with getting custom plugs at costco? Did you need to order another cable to use or did the originals with the foam tips work? Sorry not trying to hijack. Call Rob at Merriet, a wealth of info and can help you out with the ANR,
  17. Thanks RDM good to see ya back on here. Never know what the future can bring!!
  18. One of my JI favourites "I can teach a monkey to fly, but can't teach it to think" or "better to fly on a good night than a bad day"
  19. Call Rob at Merit Apparel **** help ya out. Great guy.
  20. Just look at the submarine disaster. Im scared when the military says it buying "new" gear. Griffin will get replaced with Hueys
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