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  1. Elan, I overlooked this one. Thanks for posting it, and yes I made the deadline. :up:
  2. FYI: I have no affiliation with the company, nor do I use this product... Here's their website... http://skyradar.net/ From EAA Magazine... SkyRadar, formerly SkyScope, is the least expensive, with an annual subscription of $24.95. Like Aero Charts, it stores chart data as vector graphics, essentially a database of points, lines, and curves used to create map images. That keeps the database small enough to include it in the application, so you don’t have to download individual charts. Currently, service is available in Alaska, Philadelphia, Oregon, southern Florida, and
  3. WOW Palindrome, if there was ever an excellent example of to much book knowledge and a lack of common sense, your it... Sorry to be blunt, but Great Slave stepped up and did what any decent person would do, risking the loss of their lives and equipment to help the people in their community when they needed it most and expected nothing in return for their efforts... You can make all the what if claims in the world and get nothing accomplished, or you can follow Great Slaves lead and do something that has a positive effect on the community you live in, making it a better place for everyone.
  4. I'm not an expert in this field since I'm just starting my career, however I would hope any potential students are advised/warned they will need approx 2500/3000 hours with 100 hours min night time pic logged to qualify for those American EMS jobs... If their just starting their career then they'll need 1000 hours minimum for tours or offshore flying, and I would doubt operators would consider investing in a new pilots training knowing they'll risk losing that person in nine months...
  5. the students should be proud, they put together a very nice and informative video... thanks for sharing it...
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