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  1. Yeah, I mean, I like the Jetrangers for the fact that they are easy to operate, cost effecient, and you can do so much with them. I was just kind of wondering if there were any alternatives. Besides that, I might want to eventually expand to charter ops, and was just trying to find the best bang for the buck. But thanks for the input Snowedin!
  2. Hey all, I have a question about turbine training for a project I'm doing for one of my Masters classes. We are supposed to develop a realistic business plan for an FBO with an attached flight school. I am the only person in my department that loves helicopters, so I wanted to establish a helicopter training school. Anyway, I'm trying to decide what a good solid turbine trainer is for conversion training, that could easily be used to also possibly train in long line / sling load / external load / night / and night vision types of training. I've been reviewing variable and fixed costs for
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