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  1. Remember the good old days, before the internet, when you actually had to get off your a** and put a little effort into getting someone else to do your homework for you.
  2. There may be a few options out there. As above, Roho is one brand I'm familiar with, but look for the Airhawk Aviation seat. If the sticker price shocks you and you're covered under a good health plan, get a doctors note. Works good on any seat, although a bit wide for some. Even used it with tilting vertical reference seat kit.
  3. You really can't put a price tag on the chicks, glamour and glory that go with it
  4. Well, here's your chance to put the system to task. Flingwinger, state when this occurred. Give an obvious hint who the company may be and if any other readers applied for a job and were rejected during the time frame file a complaint. If not a single capable qualified unemployed Canadian pilot applied then I say the foreign pilot you mentioned has been fortunate and has a job that no other Canadians wanted.
  5. This article should help Lineworker http://mashable.com/2008/11/14/drunken-emails/
  6. If they're going go sell this in Canada I hope they're building the drone that can roll fuel drums up hill in mud or snow There's no doubt the technology is coming and I think it won't be long before we see them zooming up and down pipeline ROWs or along power lines. There's already several universities and colleges that have added UAV courses. If you live/work close to one of these you've probably seen the NOTAM's, because we all check our NOTAM's as part of our flight planning.
  7. Have to wonder why the road to "experience" is full of "scared the shat out of myself" moments. Maybe it will change for the up and comers now a days. Don't miss those days when I used to come home with less undies than I left with, although not out of the woods yet. In this case glad everyone is OK. Proves things happen to the best out there too, at any point in your career.
  8. You said, "So I guess I bought my job. Maybe yes, maybe no" I'd say certainly NOT. You invested in yourself, your career and your family, if you got one. You took a bold approach to separate yourself from the herd and found a good stable job in the end. Like Helilog56 said, kudos to you! There's too many people here that would rather complain than take the steps on their own to secure a good stable job. Did my IFR a while back, got my job of a lifetime and haven't looked back.
  9. Keep this friend as a beer buddy only. Stop taking advice from him or her. Aside from providing you the exact CAR's reference paragraph, Winnie is bang on and has outlined it for you in plain english. If mis-interpreting regs and cutting corners is your norm, perhaps you should re-think the whole idea of flying IFR
  10. You're probably not far off with the 1 in 10 estimate. TC used to post statistics on this. I searched but can't find anything recent. As I recall they used to post how many licences are issued and how many are still current with PPCs and such. Back before 2008 I think it was in the neighbourhood 20%. Oh well they probably laid off the person at TC who did this when our current government axed everything or they moved over to cabin safety;) Flight schools didn't advertise those numbers then and they certainly don't now a days. Not that wide eyed eager dreamers with good credit would listen to facts anyhow.
  11. Perhaps now is not a good time for you clowns to ask why you're NOT considered "professionals"
  12. TC is up against the wall after Lac Magantic. Duty times and SMS are under severe scrutany, rightfully so. How willing do you think TC is to back down on this issue? Wouldn't CBC love to do a story about how truck drivers and train conductors operate under tighter, safer regulations and guidelines than all of the aviation industry. On the world stage TC has been left in the dust on these issues. Look at what the FAA has been up against with regards to pilot fatigue after numerous accidents where fatigue was a contibuting factor, such as the 2009 flight 3407 crash that made international headlines. How willing do you think the regulators are to back down on this side of the border because some owners are worried about extra plane tickets and hiring extra crew.
  13. I'm sure when its all over and done with there will be amendments, exemptions and ops specs in everyones Ops manuals. Who knows FDT's regs may even resemble something similar to the shifts pilots are currently working.
  14. Freewheel, If ya can't beat em, join em..... Looks like they're trying to restaff across the country. https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page1800?poster=245116&toggleLanguage=en&psrsMode=1&noBackBtn=true
  15. Ya, once you've had one you do miss them. Handy piece of gear that siren and PA. One chirp and you've got everyones attention.
  16. So guys/galls that could shell out $50-60,000 for a pilots licence in the first place are now consider charity cases? Wow. How many duffel bags of weed can that little swamp buggy sling? Joke of coarse ; ) I'm not in a postion to hire people at the moment, but pretty sure I'd laugh the person out the door and tell them to come back when they have 'certified' hours. The person fresh out of a reputable school would be a wiser choice. Desperate people do desperate things especially in desperate times like these. Folks doing their licences now or considering doing their licences really better have done their homework ahead of time. If the old flight school is telling you that there are scores of pilots that will be retiring soon, run away. Guess what, thats the oldest line in the book. I first heard it in the 90's.
  17. This thread makes me miss that Vortex publication TC used to publish and send out automatically. That little magazine did more for aviation safety than SMS ever will. However SMS may still be more productive than Vertical Forums banter and rants. Here's a link for digital copies if you don't get them already and want them. http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/publications/tp185-menu-5395.htm
  18. Or you can email in with your support and positive feedback. Thanks for the link. Truck drivers were given similar regulations years ago with respect to duty time and rest periods and amazingly enough there are still trucks on the road today (sarcasm). Anyone who has flown in the US of A recently has most likely worked with in these regulations. I did, and I liked it. Had a day at the beach mid tour. This may be good news for the small local operator who takes care of local customers. If you don't have to do crew changes across the country you may have the upper hand over the other guy moving in from out of province to steal your work who has to bring their crews back to BC or Quebec. Maybe its not so much the regulations but your pay structure. High hourly flight pay may need to be reconsidered. It should have been reconsidered a few years ago when companies started selling clients 2 aircraft to fly 3-4 hours a day instead of 1 flying 6-8 hours a day. Great move and value for the client giving them more flexibility but bad for aircrews relying on flight pay in a mostly seasonal profession.
  19. What was the push back from industry decades ago when our current flight/duty times were implemented? I wasn't around then, but often hear the old farts, ooops I mean more experienced pilots telling stories about flying all day long, every day for 3 months straight.
  20. I second that. Great program. http://www.dauntless-soft.com/products/GroundSchoolCanada/iPhone/ Also recommend the weekend seminar Aerocoarse if you can. They only offer a fixed wing version I believe but the instructor I had in YYC was great and could point out the heli specific stuff and differences. Wrote my exam immediately after and did very well.
  21. Except for the type rating a former Canadian Forces pilot should fit the seat. Many retire with a solid training background. There's more than a handful out there flying BK's right now, not a tough transition to an EC135. Probably more expensive than a TFW though.
  22. Agree, I always hated following the gadget guys and having to spend an hour going through spares boxes/camp/ every nook and cranny of the machine trying to find the aircraft's GPS and cords.
  23. Maury, Never did I say I was against unions. I'm just very sceptical of one ever working that blankets the entire Canadian VFR pool of helicopter pilots. If you look at the pilots in this country that are unionized they work for organizations that are backed by either federal (RCMP) or provincial (MNR) governments or the public (air ambulance) or a mix of all of that. Usually they live where they work and are on a monday to friday or short mix of days and night schedules (4 and 4's). They are also paid salary and not flight pay or other incentive pay. They typically don't stay in places that begin or end with the word "Camp". Much easier for a union to track work conditions and monitor pay against inflation/cost of living and such. I'm sure this is most cases and not all. Now take the VFR market with all the various sized companies scattered from coast to coast. Organization or even some what of a level playing field doesn't exist. From one machine operators to 75 plus machine operators. All with different pay structures, all with different requirements. Some are in desirable to live in places others out where Shrek wouldn't even call home. We all expect to make a good living for what we do, and I always have, however there are no guarantees when the majority of us are on some sort of incentive pay system. If we sit we make way less. The operator makes way less too. So in this day and age when tariffs are where they are and work is scarce how do you expect a small company to support a unionized employee that is promised a certain wage and benefits. There are going to be companies closing their doors and experienced pilots that can't find work as it is. I can only see the financial cost of a union forcing more companies out of business faster. The union is the wrong fight for now or at least energy that should be redirected. I've seen a lot of change in the last few years. I've seen pilots not getting called to work because they live too far away and the plane ticket would be too expensive. Spares inventories dwindling away. Pay and minimums decreasing. I could go on with all the problems and variables i see but I just think that with things being as desperate as they are a union would be the nail in the coffin and everyone loses. No employer, no job, no need for a union anymore. I wasn't around before the deregulation of tariffs but there needs to be some sort of equalization before you can consider a union. Thats my opinion and nothing more.
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