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  1. I had to do it again last week ........ it's very confusing to have to hold the cyclic normally! I love my job and I love my pay ...... don't even give a rats a$$ as to what anyone else gets paid. I don't even care what I get paid ....... it's just waaaaay too much fun working for someone who appreciates you.
  2. Yeah ....... they do if you can imagine that.
  3. The way the tenants at Chilliwack airport are being treated is criminal in my view ...... more like they would like to see the airport closed so that the land can be developed and line the pockets of a bunch of pri@ks ......
  4. Just makes me think of how people complain about the money contract pilots make ......... and then I think of how they wouldn't get a wooden nickel of compensation for any job related medical issues!
  5. Person assigned onboard duties ..... with appriate training. If that is in your ops manual.
  6. Way too many ........ Bob, Dave, Al ...... now Ralph.
  7. "use whatever storage space is available in the aircraft and for the pilot to use his or her discretion as necessary to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft." From another thread ...... the words of Transport. They make us the boss so I know what I'm going to do ....!!
  8. "use whatever storage space is available in the aircraft and for the pilot to use his or her discretion as necessary to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft." Let's fill em up boys!!
  9. **** .... my paycheck and shift schedule must have been all lies ...... let me check the bank balance again. ..... says the contractor.
  10. Ok ..... so what's new about this? You make it sound like we have problems with our pay and schedule ...... not sure what you mean? Plus ..... what is your point of posting if it doesn't apply to you? Are you exempt? PS ..... what if we actually figured out we were overpaid? Should we tell someone?
  11. Funny ... the Bell test pilot told me they had no problems with climbs at over 2000 fpm. Probably just the old liability issue with a fancy explanation to baffle everone. I don't recall any problem with cyclic location at climbs of 6,000 fpm (might have been higher .... the VSI only went to 6 and it was pegged) but maybe I was doing it wrong.
  12. Yep ..... if you just pushed the stick forward ..... you would have lots of rotor decay. But if you are logging and going up the side of a mountain who would do that anyways? Chop the throttle and turn left ... keep the disc loaded and not only do you keep your rpm but you gain another 300 feet or so and by the time you get turned 180 degrees then you are nicely established in an autorotation and pointed towards the center of the valley. You actually pull back on the stick a bit to make the turn so the disc is always loaded. It would probably work the same turning right but if you are
  13. I wonder if it has a recognition system so it won't drop on ground crew ..... Probably hire highschool kids to run them ..... pay them with pop and chips and gum.
  14. iBal is 99 bucks now? Glad I bought in at 14.99 ......
  15. That's what I was going to say .... All you young guys and gals starting out ..... learn from all our mistakes! Protect your ears, your head and wear gloves to protect your skin (from jet fuel and other shyte ...) ..... ..... you won't regret it .... !!!!
  16. I don't understand. Do you dislike ForeFlight or AirNav?
  17. Wow ..... I didn't know someone could take one of the best insults ever and screw it up this badly!!
  18. hahahahaha ..... first intelligent comment on here in a long time!!!!
  19. I got a nice bottle of scotch for my birthday .... I can fill it with tequila and that will be your birthday present!!!!!
  20. Nice of you to point that out .... I'm sure we all feel better now. So if that's most of his stops then he must had had only one other stop ...... where was that?
  21. I'm not sure what that means ..... is that a prediction?
  22. I don't get it ...... back in the day before GPS ....... we actually never had any difficulty navigating. We just followed the map to our destination. Bad weather meant you just worked a little harder .... Running short of fuel ...... that definitely had nothing to do with not having GPS .....
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