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  1. Oh fu"k ..... not again? Coulldn't you just stand up for yourself instead of asking who's going to do it for you?
  2. I remember in the old days we would export the information from one map to another with a pencil. Too bad that won't work anymore ....
  3. Does it track to CARS standards or FAA standards?
  4. Good thinking ..... when you are the hijacked pilot .... I hope you remember the wires when they make you fly in with a gun to your head .....
  5. From Bob Quin to Dease Lake .... make sure you fly over the Spectrum Range and then Mt Edziza - a bit to the left of track - and then the Grand Canyon of the Stikine. You may never see anything like it ...... I could list 50 places called Zippermouth Lake where the fishing is incredible ....... you can only call yourself skunked if you don't catch one before the blades stop turning!
  6. Dang .... I thought I was the bully .....!! I agree about the second part .... but we are a viscious collection of individuals .... like we will ever agree to anything ....?
  7. I'm going to pee myself now ..... not sure from laughter or from what the [email protected] syndrome .....
  8. NO I don't like his attitude ... I don't like what he has said .... but I will NEVER label anyone! For what it's worth .... he at least had the balls to stand up and say something! Can't say I agree with what he said but ....
  9. I love smoke and mirrors ..... here is the description of this model helicopter! Pretty cool .... but not entirely true.
  10. If drones replace us ..... so be it. When that day comes ..... do you really want to be a pilot anymore?
  11. Now you really got me on my knees ..... NOT!!!!!!
  12. Maybe you need to look at this data from a different angle .....
  13. Definitely one thing I have to agree with!!
  14. Sorry ... I'm not that stupid. I will step up and fix a problem rather than whining about how bad it is ..... but it will still be at the companies expense in the end. If they don't want to pay ... I am done there .... but it hasn't happened yet. I am just tired of people who whine and cry about how bad their accomodation is .... or how bad the food is ... and they expect someone in an office hundreds of miles away to have the second sense to know how BAD their dilemma is and they will drop everything and come to their rescue! Common sense is the important thing to consider here ....... I don't expect head office to understand how everything works in the field and if they support the crew when they make their own decisions ..... then you know you work for a good company.
  15. No I actually I said I have berated people hundreds of times ...... mainly because some of them I had to berate repeatedly because they didn't get it the first time! However you just may be right .... the numbers of people who just are not smart enough may number in the hundreds!!
  16. No worries mate! You are more polite than others .... I could never have hard feelings against someone who speaks up for himself! I'm a shite disturber who likes to make people think. I still may not agree with all you say but I don't mind blathering about it 'til the cows come home! I tend to speak on the forum the way I would speak in a room full of people. Carry on!
  17. You sure missed the mark there buddy!
  18. Where do I start? Yes I am a bully ..... and not just because of the brass pole! I breate people a lot ...... but only because they deserve it. I can name hundreds of situations where I have breated people for the dumb #### they do ..... but maybe they'll learn something and not kill themselves when they go off by themselves. Maybe I should be nice and give them a trophy for being stupid but that's not what I learned in life! Any woman that can fly is a pilot as far as I'm concerened! I stand up for good living conditions but I also know that people in head office don't always know or understand that you have been given substandard accomodation. I find that workindg as a team with your employer you can actually make the place you stay better with a little (or somerimes a lot) of effort and also make a crew house a better place by pitching in instead of whining about how bad it is ....! However ... if they don'r see what you see then of course I'll spend a few bucks of my own to help out but after that ... I'm out! As for hat CAR's say .... if I used CAR's as the standard I lived by .... then I would have to flu by that standard as well. I'll say no more .... I liked where I thought HEPAC was going but I do have to say there was so much bickering going on that I srood back because I perceived that it was going the way of the union. I feel for what Bob says because I know that's not true now. My apologies to Bob. By the way .... my name is Jim Henderson .... and if that gets me blacklisted then it just means I don't have to worry about looking for work at places I don't want to work anyways!!
  19. I'd say something but everyone already knows I'm an a$$hole!
  20. Well I reread your post and I got out of it that you thought that ROTOR .... someone who loves flying .... should leave the industry ... pretty much your words so sorry if I was supposed to read berween the lines. I'm only good at palin English.
  21. True .... I should have saved that post for Fred.
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