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  1. Pretty close ..... I'm not sure mushrooms are plants though ...
  2. Well if your not getting paid what you are worth then you have a choice. Put up with it or find someone who will pay you what you are worth. Fred wants us to have a union - but you want an association. I still don't know what it will get you regarding sitting in the bush all day and only flying 1.5. I don't know how it will help you get paid while you sit in a hotel room - hoping for a chance to fly and make some money. If you are doing that for free or for peanuts then your problems are bigger than I thought. It might be nice to have an association to help you get better medical rates or to help you with guidelines to negotiating a contract with an employer or directing you to proper legal or accounting services. I do agree with what Bob is talking about. That is an association that some employers may just see is in their best interest to support. Also, because an association like that can't run for free - it would also require the pilots to compensate for the services they receive. If that is what you are looking for then I totally misunderstood your original question. However I don't see an 'associations' job is to get me a proper wage while I flop around in a multi-million dollar aircraft. The living conditions are what they are ..... if I don't like them - I do something about it. I don't need to ask permission to go stay in a better hotel. I don't need to ask permission to cleanup or fixup a ****** crew house. I just do it ... or put up with it. If not I can always leave. I haven't had to do either for quite some time!
  3. So what your saying do a good job and you can badmouth your employer ... or your customer .... and with a union you will be protected??? Your words and your actions ARE an important part of your job performance .....!! Keep me the [email protected] from the world you guys want.
  4. I don't need an association to hold my hand ..... I've done quite well without one. I had a job many, many years ago that started out as a non-union position. At that time I could do pretty much as I pleased - change shifts and schedules with other employees and bring side projects to work. The only stipulation was the job work had to be done and done correctly. It didn't matter how we did it .... we just made sure all was covered. However we also knew we could be fired at a moments notice if we didn't meet that obligation. Then the position became unionized. After that it was punch in on time ... can't switch shifts and have to wear proper clothing and can't go out the gate for one second while on shift and so on. Verbal warnings and written notices out the ying yang for every petty little detail ... but they COULD NOT fire us. One guy even came to work half pissed and just got written up! Ruined the whole feel and I left within six months. (it wasn't a flying job) If that's what you want ... go organize and go follow all the rules and have a great organized career. Me? I just want to fly and get the job done ... it's worked really well for 30 years and I see no reason to change now. Anything goes wrong I have no one but myself to blame. By the way ..... I've spent many a day sitting in bum [email protected] nowhere for 1.5 hours swatting mosquitos or whatever. So what? That's the job! I've also flown four 10's in a row and many 8's after that! Did I offer to give some money back to the company because I thought they paid me too much? Not on your life! If all you want to focus on is your bad days and never acknowledge the good days then you should organize! But be prepared to give something back for the good days because the companies ain't gonna give you something for nothing! I can't get any simpler than that ....
  5. I recall you asked this question ..... " Anyone making much money this year?" You did get a simple answer. Then you asked ........ "what is wrong with the helicopter pilots of Canada joining an association like the ones mentioned above?" My answer would be ..... nothing is wrong. Go ahead and join! Simple.
  6. YEE HAW!!!!!!! Finally someone gets it ......!!!!!
  7. Actually I really don't know how many talented guys are o this forum .... this forum does not lend itself to qualifying anything!! However - you are right! There are a shiteload of qualified people .... maybe they don't want to engage in petty crap as we have ...... but I do know there are REAL people who read this forun. Come out ... come out ... wherever you are ....!!!
  8. Just for once I think I will make a serious comment. I look at the quote above and it sums up my job attitude in a bizarre way. 1) I will find my own job .... nobody holds my hand. 2) When I find that job .... I want to be part of a team! Next all I have to do is follow the two rules of flying! Rule # 1 - Don't crash Rule # 2 - Make sure the customer signs the flight report. Anyone wants to try this road to success .... I wish you the best and you can park your yacht next to mine next time we are cruising the Riviera!
  9. Goes both ways buddy ....!! You suggest that the guys who love the job leave so that the guys who want all the comfy,cushy working conditions can stay? No wonder you guys hate it when the guys who suck it up and go to work ...... keep going to work.
  10. Brass pole in a 214 .... that would be my dream job .....!!
  11. Well ..... at least you're pretty sure. I've never flown wheels ......... I prefer low skids to high skids in the rocks. I guess wheels would be like low skids.
  12. It sounds like you've already convinced yourself you are right. Sorry for that.
  13. Did you grow up in one of those programs where everyone got a prize .... even last place? I grew up in a program where you worked for what you got .... not one where it was mandated that you get your a$$ wiped for you because you are "entitled" to that. Hard work isn't really that hard ......!
  14. The inevitable consequences of progress! We all have choices ..... as do the companies who would want to move drills with a remotely piloted vehicle. I got to be selfish by looking after myself .... nobody did it for me! My amazing skills aren't really so amazing.
  15. Sounds like you have agood job with good pay .... probably no greenhorns trying to steal your job. I'd say you are doing OK .... no problems.
  16. Really now? Someone wants a lot of money so he can look after himself (and as you say his family). So now no one is allowed to come berween him and his job because why? I really want to hear the rational here. He should just have his job ..... and lots of money because he has a family? Don't het me wrong but I don't think you have job protection to make LOTS of money just because of ANYTHING in this country. Someone wants to work for cheap ..... what do they get in the end .... cheap. If it turns out that we have luts of really good pilots who are talented and qualified and want to work for peanusts ..... what's to stop them? Just wondering where are all these cheap and talented pilots .........
  17. Skids have made me millions .... so i guess I'm a rich kid!!
  18. We're all grown-ups ..... we can look after ourselves. We shouldn't need anyone to hold our hands just so we can go to work each day .....
  19. Helicopters started out with wheels ...... early Bell's and Sikorsky's and the like. When companies like Okanagan began pioneering mountain flying they requested the aircraft be redesigned to be equipped with skids. I hope this helps anwer your question.
  20. Hahahahahaha ...... that is too effing funny!! I never had it any better and I don't see what's changed except everyone gets internet and cell coverage everywhere. Best effing times of my life .... out there tear assing around the shite ... having the time of my life. I understand that if you don't like it then for sure you shouldn't be here ..... but for the rest of us ..... we haven't worked a day in our lives!!!!
  21. You know what ....? Busting regs and not getting caught is waaaaay more fun than it used to be ...!!
  22. Ouch my eye ........just one? Peru? Salmon Arm? Watson Lake? Rainbow Lake? ..... it wasn't me!!!!
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