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  1. Absolutely F%@KING RIGHT I would ..... absolutely no doubt. For every sh1tty moment .... I've had a hundred wondrous moments!!
  2. Darn ..... I was going to look for the picture of the 204 with two extra grease nipples on it ....
  3. Do you want the story of the stripper in Hay River .......?
  4. It took me 3 years .... but that was in the 80's. Whatever .... you wanna do it? Do it!
  5. I heard the pilot may have some back problems ..... hope he will be OK.
  6. 4065 at Frontier ..... used Gopher Expediting and Don Taylor for flight watch ..... lots of times on 4441. Tried to reach FSS in Watson Lake from about 50 miles out on 5680 - I got Baker Lake instead - CAFB
  7. That makes sense ..... hire a foreign worker instead of a competent Canadian pilot. Why would you indicate that the option for hiring a pilot should defer to a foreign pilot if the Canadian pilot you hired is not up to standards?
  8. We're supposed to monitor 123.2 you know ........ come on over and hear some Canadian accents!!
  9. Skip the contract and just set your price like any other business person. You don't hand the plumber a contract to sign before he works on your plumbing so why have a contract for flying?
  10. Hotels, motels, tents and trailers ..... whatever works.
  11. Yep .... I agree 100% ...... but I can guarantee the hour hogs will wine about how they should get paid for every extra second they waste in the air.
  12. A credit card with a good limit .... you don't always get stuck in the bush.
  13. I remember one in Ontario (probably Lambair) back in the mid 70's but to find that old box of photo's might take a while ....
  14. I've burned drums of Jet fuel that were 20 years old .... and I've rejected fuel that is one week old. If you use the age of the fuel to determine quality .........
  15. We could all go back to what we were doing before .... logging what we want, charging what we want and ignoring TC ...it has worked quite well since flying started.
  16. Just curious ... but doesn't everyone log flight time plus 10%?
  17. It wasn't BC and it didn't fall off the pad .... it flew away!! But you got the nobody at the controls part correct.
  18. Surprisingly enough ... for a government run system .... CADORS only reports basic facts and updates the report as new information come in or else if something was reported incorrectly, it will make a correction. As per the disclaimer at the bottom of the report; "Please note that for the most part, CADORS reports contain preliminary, unconfirmed data which can be subject to change."
  19. Facts .... what do we need those for?
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