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  1. I just saw this on TV. A real estate firm in Vancouver is using drones for marketing properties. They are doing it with approval from Transport Canada. http://bc.ctvnews.ca/drones-getting-buzz-in-vancouver-s-real-estate-market-1.1632914 http://themacnabs.com/
  2. There is a new operator expected to appear on the market based in Kamloops .... probably sometime in the new year.
  3. A google search for marriage statues came up with these ....
  4. The Government of Canada and John Deere? What colour will the helicopters be? Red and white or green and yellow?
  5. This is a rumour thread .... so just make up an answer.
  6. Thanks Sven .... better said than my bit. I've never heard of them being added to a straight L but it sure would help .... I remember putting the stick up against the dash a few times wondering what the heck was going on ...!!
  7. The LR or straight L came without the slats. You will notice when flying that in a steep climb when the airspeed reaches about 60 mph the aircraft will begin to pitch up.... quite a surprise when you don't expect it. It has been a while so if someone can describe the speeds and effect better please correct me. The L-1 and subsequent models had the slats added to eliminate this characteristic.
  8. See ya there ... anyone who's interested!
  9. What if we have too many pilots anyways ...... even if we take the foreign pilots out of the equation? Should the old timers give up their jobs so the young fellows can catch a break? I would .... if you paid me.
  10. I would have said that too .... until I tried the VIH bubble. It works.
  11. May start that habit? WOW ..... and here I didn't know there was another way to keep track of your flight times.
  12. So if the problem is Transport Canada .... do we proceed with all the rest of the steps?
  13. You have got to be kidding me .... You are telling me to do as I am told ..... do not think .. just do as I am told. You are telling me if I do not do this I am a boy ... not a man! You are telling me if I speak out against this I am a bully Fred Lewis ... my name is Jim Henderson. F*@k off on all accounts
  14. Wholy crap ... somebody else actually gets it? Thank you!
  15. Too late Transport Canada .... the willful disregard is deeply seated in reason and is spread all across this great nation. I love the way they throw a threat at you and then try to codify it with "once the appropriate means of doing so is determined by Headquarters.". ...... That means they don't have a clue what to do about this .......
  16. From their website ... The College of Professional Pilots of Canada aims to create an environment of empowerment where professionalism and doing one's best are the norm. We believe the next logical step in the evolution of piloting is to move to a self-governing model.[/size] Create? If professionalism and doing your best isn't already the norm .... then DON'T FLY ....!!!!!! What the heck is a self-governing model? The only person who truly governs you is yourself. If you can't do that ..... then DON'T FLY ......!!!! Wankers .....!!
  17. Roger on the HAC ..... already bought my early bird ticket!
  18. Nothing .... as far as I know. But then I know very little of HEPAC. I suppose if they had promoted themselves in a way that people could know more about them I would know more about them.
  19. But just imagine the look of joy on your bosses face when he finds out he has to pay you for every hour you are on duty plus flight pay ..... and then send you home after 4 days because you have worked 56 hours ..... plus put money into the pension fund .... the joy will be in knowing he will soon be broke and won't have to put up with this crap anymore ....
  20. They'll probably tell us we work too many days and too many hour and we should restrict our flight and duty times .... then they'll tell us to form a union and ask for huge pay and benefits ....
  21. ..... and if you track some mud onto the floor .... do you have to secure that and account for it in the weight and balance?
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