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  1. Everyone should be allowed to wear a helmet if they want .... no one should be forced to wear a helmet unless you want all crew and passengers to wear a helmet. Education works much better than enforcement ......
  2. It;s your head .... figure out what you think the value of your head is and then figure out how much you would pay to protect it ...... Should be easy ....
  3. Ahhhhhh .... this explains everything. This is no longer about regulations. This is about beliefs ..... and this is why in different parts of Canada you can operate differently.
  4. That pretty much shuts down any flight on almost all the aircraft I've ever flown .... except for the Bell 47 ....
  5. That is the part that scares me ... you can brief them until the cows come home but you may never know what goes on inside THEIR HEAD (not picking on you AZA - very brave of you to tell us your story). I try to make parts of the briefing appropriate to the passengers ..... after the standard briefing I will use language that they MAY understand. For the young and dumb type I ask them if they like head ... because if they walk into the main blades it will be the last head they ever get. Same for the tail rotor - it could be the last piece of tail they ever get. For grown ups (riggers were never considered grownups - AZA will forgive me) I appeal to them to think of THEIR wives, children and loved ones. If you can give them something meaningful to remember you MAY just give them the tools to look after themselves around a helicopter because as the pilot that Zazu provided an increase of adrenaline to said "I AM FN HELPLESS IF YOU HAVE A BRAINFART! AND I HAVE TO WATCH!" You may be able to do something but not very FN likely ....
  6. I once worked for a company that sent a 100 hour pilot off into the mountains with a stack of maps, flight report book and a Hughes 500 ........ the only briefing was: Rule #1 - Don't crash, Rule #2 - make sure the customer signs the flight report.
  7. I hear ya .... but we weren't there and what gets reported isn't always the reality.
  8. If you are really wondering about the trivial differences in time that would make then I suggest you go to the part of the forum dedicated to silly comments regarding Flight Time vs Air Time ......... http://forums.verticalmag.com/index.php?showtopic=19518
  9. http://www.verticalmag.com/news/article/Eurocopter-to-be-rebranded-as-Airbus-Helicopters#.UfkuJ9LOtfY Will the AS350 type rating include the A350? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus_A350_XWB)
  10. For once .... the spammers are actually making more sense than what I had hoped this thread would NOT devolve into .... a shite show!
  11. Hope .... just didn't want this to turn into another ten pages of speculation and bullshite.
  12. After all the stupid stuff I said ... someone comes along and says it right! Thank you!
  13. I suggest you ask the person who did the quitting ..... unless you want to read a long windy thread full of bullshite and lies (they're not the same you know!).
  14. Ahhhh ... now I understand. You assume that that is what the manufacturer means. I suppose if you had ever looked at an inspection sheet you would notice that stuff like the condition of the aircraft is also inspected. I don't know of any engineer who does a Daily Inspection by looking at the component life and saying "nothing time-exed ..... it's good to go".
  15. So what you are telling us is that you are calling it a Tiger because it has nothing to do with the manufacturers life limit but because it is failing due to something completely different. So why do you mention the manufacturers life limit?
  16. I take it that you are implying that parts do not actually last their certified life. Please tell us what the manufacturers life limits actually mean. Also please explain to us the "miracle" of the blades not coming apart. What I read is that blades can come apart anytime before the manufacturers limits. If this is true then you had best contact Transport Canada and let them know that every helicopter - even with brand new parts - is at risk of coming apart at anytime! I am eagerly awaiting your response before my next flight! Edit: Sorry ... I missed the last post. I didn't realize that you had confirmed you are an idiot.
  17. What ZAZU said .... I promise I did not coach him but I am so proud of his answer!!!
  18. I beg to differ ... they gave me a chocolate bar. I was hoping for more than the fried egg I got after I escaped!!!
  19. Yeah ... but all the good ones promptly forgot all that and got down to business. The business? Flying safely and efficiently. I don't know one regulation I learned that made that happen!
  20. What? Did I say something again? I better check my posts .......
  21. Happy to say that I have always had decent accommodations and been well fed. Nobody has tried to make me stay where I didn't want to ... Sorry for all of you that don't get what you deserve ...
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