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  1. One comment by Ms. May worries me because it is exactly what bureaucracy thrives on .... and that is that regulating makes things safe. The only thing making the helicopter I fly safe is the engineer and myself. Regulation doesn't make it safe .... Her quote ...? " Trains are generally speaking a very safe way to transport goods – as long as they are properly regulated " So if they are not properly regulated then trains are unsafe. HA!!!! If you fall for that shite then don't fly ... or take a train .... or do ANYTHING ... unless you are REGULATED.
  2. Very interesting story ...... I wonder how much truth to it .... http://www.mwpr.ca/show11259a0x300y1z/SHOOTOUT_AT_KLAPPAN_-_DID_ANCIENT_SPIRITS_DRIVE_MAN_CRAZY
  3. Do you mean that it is managements fault ....? Not criticizing but I see an implication that when I work for someone it's not my morals and common sense that matter but the managements ..... or another way ....I could be a good worker but if I work for bad management I won't use my common sense and morals. That's not how I work .... but it does have to do with who I choose to work for ....
  4. I prefer morals and common sense ....
  5. Don't worry Bob ... he might just be a low time Canadian pilot looking for work and feels it is better to complain than to look for work.
  6. Why not have some more regs .... and while we're at it let's have some new regs about access to toilets and all kinds of other dumb stuff. Maybe we need some new COMMON SENSE!!!!
  7. My old VNC's from the 90's still work for me - I prefer WAC charts for cross country and 4 miles for local work. My Mk I eyeball is still working so I'll just stick to that .....
  8. Just want y'all to know I did the logbook tonight and I put flight time and airtime in there ...... and it had nothing to do with anything posted on this thread. .... and I feel good!
  9. You seem to have spare time to post here .... perhaps there is a bucket and a mop waiting for you in Canmore.
  10. Why don't we just make Flight Time the time we want to charge the customer and then take 10% off Flight Time to get Air Time. That way we have one simple formula that is the same for everyone.
  11. I guess we need to have Air Time, Flying Time and Flight Time. One for the aircraft logbook, one for your logbook and one for the flight report book!
  12. I just make up numbers and hope nobody notices ...... so much easier that way!
  13. I was just wondering ..... does anyone yet know what constitutes Air time and what constitutes Flight Time? I want to know if I need to redo my logbook .....
  14. How about an FAI ratified world record? That was with a 214A with tin blades and the LTC4B engine making 2650 hp. The 214B with the T55-08D made 2930 hp and has rubber blades better suited for altitude. I wonder what it could do? Bell unofficially did some pretty spectacular flights with the 214B if you believe the stories of the test pilots and the engineers .... but I suppose a lowly FAI record of a lower performance model will have to suffice. FAI Record File Num #9935 Status: ratified - current record Region: World Class: E (Rotorcraft) Sub-Class: E-1e (Helicopters: take off weight 3000 to 4500 kg) Category: General Group: 2 : turbine Type of record: Altitude in horizontal flight Performance: 9 010 m Date: 1975-04-29 Course/Location: Ahwaz (Iran) Claimant Manuchehr Khosrowdad (IRI) Rotorcraft: Bell 214A Engine: 1 Lycoming LTC 4B-8
  15. By all means .... post her number. It will change her life forever!!
  16. I would hope you are benefiting from this discussion. Bar flying and forum flying have a lot to offer for anyone. It just ain't the same as the real thing and happy to say there ain't too many out there giving first hand reports. I've talked to some who have had the drama and even from one guy who did the "tail first" even though he didn't plan it or even think it - it just happened - and he walked away with a cut on his nose. But every one is different and - heaven forbid - the time comes you had better have your wits about you and don't use all the knowledge posted here as a crutch. Guideline? Yes! Food for thought? Absolutely! Just remember that if it does happen - you will be doing the flying and none of us will be there to give advice. Listen - ask -THINK!!! .... and have a great summer and many more to come! PS. If you thought I wasn't benefiting from this conversation what did you think I meant by even participating?
  17. I would pick the place - in the split seconds that I have to assess - that I think would give me the best chance of survival. This thread has dragged on for days - seesawing back and forth with no definitive answer. That is because there IS no definitive answer. You could be reading a map, talking on the radio, looking at some beautiful scenery or looking at all the yellow and red lights on the dash. When the #### hits the fan .... THAT is when you will truly decide where you are going to go and it just may not be where you think you would go when you sit on your *** reading this thread. Saying where you would autorotate to is like predicting a fire season in the spring ... it ain't gonna be the same as what really happens. I hope and wish that no one here ever has to make this decision and if you ever do I hope that you will apply all your skills, training, reflexes and instincts to bring you to a safe conclusion. Have a safe season and if you want to know what the fire season will be like ... ask me in October!
  18. As long as they don't name us, eh Bob!
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