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  1. What FREDDIE said - plus a snowmobile comes in handy as well .....
  2. Word is spreading across the country and a lot of support is starting to come in from the East Coast!! Thank you Corey.
  3. Done! I'll be in the Eastern part of Canada today - I'll start passing on the survey.
  4. On my way to Labrador in a few hours so I'll make sure all the guys I know in the East have a shot at this too! I'll probably complete this survey at the Maple Leaf Lounge in Toronto ..... I can't wait!!!!!!
  5. Truth and rumour in the same sentence on this forum! That is pretty funny!
  6. I may be wrong but I believe it is intended that the petition be done by a third party - hence the following statement by HV.
  7. Bob - I don't log any more but having done heli-logging for 18 years I understand so well what you mean about how well fatigue is kept in check whilst logging. I also remember our insurance agent telling me about a study that TSB had done regarding logging back in the late 90's. The general impression at the time was that heli-logging equalled death and so on. She said that someone (no longer there) at TSB had a hard-on against logging and this study would prove him right and it would mean the end of it all. When she enquired about the report about a year later she was told that the results "needed to be assessed some more". When she spoke to someone else at TSB (someone she knew and trusted) she said that it turns out that with respect to the number of hours flown that heli-logging is the safest sector of helicopter flying and is safer than almost any other form of aviation except for the airline. The report would not be released publicly as it did not provide the intended results and therefore had no worth to TSB. I am aware that there are people at TSB who would not support this train of thought and I doubt that anyone there would corroborate this but I was told this by someone with whom I have full faith in their honesty (the insurance companies would have also loved to have a report sinking some form of flight so that they could charge more). My point to the diatribe above is that there are reports out there that support us operating in a safe environment but are not and perhaps will not ever be available to us even though we know the truth. Whether we will ever find them or have access to them I don't know but I do know that the FEDS will only look at what they want to look at unless we shove something else in their faces to show otherwise! By the way Bob - I miss logging - every day I miss logging!
  8. How nice - they put it off until sometime in the future. How does that help us - or them?
  9. Those are just the hourly rates. The USFS also pays a day rate otherwise you will note that those prices are very low. Interesting to note that a Bell 214B uses more fuel and costs more than a 214B1 - they are the same helicopter except for a difference in internal gross weight.
  10. That's one way to start a rumour ....
  11. Thank you Phil! Well said! P.S. Douglas Bader is a hero - but a WAR hero. You are absolutely right! We are not at war ....
  12. Nothing "Average" about you FREDDIE!!
  13. The Super Frelon has a Sikorsky rotor system ...
  14. Are you serious? You really don't know the answer to this? We all know the answer and you should too!
  15. By the way - this is what good training is all about!!
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