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  1. Yup...NMH bags... I think I remember your jacket too!!! LOL Noticed your location. We may have to meet at the Highwayman for a beer...
  2. https://www.rt.com/usa/550318-helicopter-crash-military-base/
  3. I remember when I started out..."shortage of pilots" they all said. That seems to be the meme of the industry as I've heard it for years. They never correct it by inserting the word "experienced". But that is not the point of this post. As I have gone through my contract negotiations for this year and speaking with other pilots I have come to realize that this will seriously show itself this year. Companies are and will be parking aircraft because they just cannot find experienced vaccinated pilots. My contract demands this year would have been scoffed at just a few years ago. Not this year. M
  4. So last night I had a chat with a retired Doctor who knows quite a bit about viruses etc. I asked him… So what happened to the virus that was killing people? He said it is gone, burnt out and then explained it to me. The Corona Virus came out, it was bad and killed a lot of people. But then it mutated to the Delta variant. Very contagious but not quite as bad. Then it mutated again to the Omicron variant. Highly contagious but very mild. He said viruses mutate then slowly burn themselves out. There is a 99% chance that we will ALL get the Omicron virus. But is is mild. We have friend
  5. Disagree.... I know a lot of @$$ holes (myself included 😆) that keep finding work because grudge or not, when the boss needs a pilot in the seat? All sins are forgiven. I have seen this for over 30 years.
  6. I remember a loooooong time back...a fella got stiffed by his boss, so he left. Two days later, the boss phones and asks "where is my logbook"? Fella says "I have no idea... but I'm guessing it is probably sitting right beside a pile of cash". Next day, fella got paid... and two days after that Greyhound found the logbook. P.F.M.
  7. Any time a major starts spending big money on a penny stock that is sitting at .10 ... you have lots of upside potential. They will know what is in the ground in the next year or so and if they like it? Bob will sell it all!
  8. My work contracts were always straight forward. Either a daily rate or daily plus hourly mins, non-averaged. I always got the "we don't do that here" to which I replied "well, when you do, you know how to reach me." You stick to your guns. I have never been without work. Once that contract was signed or I gave my word, I always stuck to it, even when half way through I realized others were making more and I missed out. I just factored that in to the next years contract. Learn as you go.
  9. Well if we are still talking stocks. Little company out of Vancouver with quite the history....Amarc... the ticker is AHR. They own a bunch of interesting properties. How interesting? Well Freeport MacMoran signed joint venture deal last year worth 110 million and the stock is still quietly sitting around .10!! Oh ya, I bought a few shares of this one!!
  10. Yes! I have personally lost friends and know of numerous cases of people who died. This is not a joke.
  11. Many moons ago....landed in the median of the Alaska Hwy, in the middle of Ft St John. Shut down and walked over to the McDonalds to buy a hot lunch to bring back to my wireline crew across the Peace River. As I was walking back to the machine with my hands full with bags of burgers and fries a cop pulled up. Asked me what the heck I was doing? I said: "hitting the fly thru".... He laughed out loud then said: "get the heck outta here and don't do that again!" It paid to fly Santa for the cops every year... 😉
  12. Yes, pilot ok but with a sore back is the latest I heard. The vis was very poor in that area last week but don't know if that played a part or not.
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