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  1. Another favourite at Helijet was when I was flying across the Georgia Straight at 4500'. Getting close to YVR and I see a Shorts aircraft lifting off 08R, in the right turn and headed my way.....

    Vancouver Center: Helijet 712, There is a Shorts in the climb , your 2 o'clock low, AS WELL AS, a floatplane at your 11 o'clock.

    Me: Roger Center, I have the Shorts down low.....Beaver in sight!!!


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  2. Flying for Helijet around 1999-2000. Sitting on the pad ready to go. 

    Me: Harbour tower, Helijet 711 ready to go.

    Tower: Helijet 711, standby.

    I wait 2 minutes and call again. Once again I am told to standby. During this time it was very busy in the airspace. Lots of floatplanes coming and going and the Lady in the tower was getting stressed. I wait another 2 minutes and now I am getting antsy because we are on a schedule and leaving 5 minutes late meant a bit of paperwork.

    Me: Tower, Helijet 711, I am on a schedule here....let's go!

    Tower (now she sounded angry and stressed): Helijet 711, just let me get this Beaver going and I will get you off!

    Me: Tower.....ok.... for THAT, I will wait.....

    30 seconds of complete silence on the radio.....

    Tower: Helijet 711, you are cleared for take off....get out of my airspace!!!!

    Me: Thank you Tower....Have a nice day!

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  3. I have a miniPad that I suction cup to the windshield of my medium utilizing an Ram "X" holder. Never had an issue. Trick is to check that it is not loose before you fire up. I also velcro a battery pack on the dash to keep it powered because Foreflight sucks ALOT of battery power!

  4. My 196 started to act up this spring. If I was plugged in it was fine but it would shut down as soon as I went to battery. My engineer opened it up yesterday and surprise surprise....


    I had a screw loose!!!! ;) See attached picture....post-67-0-67744200-1403886877_thumb.jpg


    I guess over the years the vibration ect let the screw back out. My engineer tightened it all down and it is working great! Just thought I would pass this along should anyone have an issue in the future. Cheers!

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  5. ..I've switched to an ipad mini. I still carry a 196 in the hat rack in case it fails but with an ipad mini and foreflight I have all the vnc charts, always up to date. Its a very powerful tool. There is a built in PDF viewer so all your flight manuals, forestry pilot manuals, radio manuals, CFS, anything you need right at your fingertips and much safer/easier than trying to manipulate maps and books while flying. All within that one app...


    I used the trial version of Foreflight. Loved it but it uses an incredible amount of battery. 1% per minute on my iPhone :0


    Are you on battery or do you plug in through the a/c? I am interested in going the iPad mini route (almost did) but it is the power issue that holds me back.... :(

  6. I'm sure some of the other instructors (Canadian) here can relate to this. I have had this conversation in the cockpit numerous times with flight instructors (with up to 3500hrs PIC) from the USA coming up to Canada for their conversions:


    Me: Ok _________, when we get over the infield, you can show me a full on autorotation to the (spot picked on infield).


    Student: Full on? you mean with a power recovery right?


    Me: Uh no, I mean full on to the ground....






    Student: Uh, I have never done one of those...


    Me: Never????


    Student: Well one, for my instructor flight test.


    Me: You mean of all your instruction hours, you guys never did a full on autorotation?


    Student: Nope, it wasn't allowed


    Me: Well, we are going to do one now...



    You get what you pay for in this world. And further to the comments previously made about flight schools. There are bad ones and there are good ones. YOU NEED to go visit them and make an informed decision. If you walk into a flight school and are immediately impressed with what you see, then there is a reason for that. Good schools are successful for a reason. Finally, the comment about them not being Job Placement Agencies is true. They teach. Now that being said, Where I teach on the off season, they have an excellent placement because we do in fact get calls from companies looking for low time pilots. So always remember what I tell my students on day one.... your career starts TODAY. Act, train, work, behave accordingly because you may want a reference in the future and every school wants to be able to give you that.....

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  7. The army hand out I found interesting and after taking ditching training twice....I would head for the trees....


    Like previously mentioned, I can hold my breath and all that in a controlled environment but what if a crack against the helmet renders me unconscious even for a few seconds underwater....


    My 2 pesos worth....

  8. Like Steve, I met Blake as a young pilot in 1992 when I moved to Ft St John also to work for NMH. It is true that Blake truly loved his kids. Also, I agree, he was an excellent engineer that caught EVERYTHING! I will share my Blake story wherein I learned a valuable lesson:


    One morning after Blake had completed an inspection on my helicopter, he took me to the side for a private talk. "Stop doing hammerheads" he said.


    "Whaaaat... I ....uh....um...I don't do hammerheads...." I stammered. (I was young and immortal back then.)


    He held up a bearing and asked: "See this? If this goes then so do YOU, and this wears out when you do hammerheads...so stop doing hammerheads." He had me and I knew it and so did he. "Listen" he said "nobody knows but me and it ends here but never, and I mean never, try to hide something from your engineer because we see everything!"


    I can honestly say from that day forward to this day, I have always been truthful to my engineers. I have deep respect for Blake as he was a man of his word and an excellent engineer. And yes, a private Kokanee fine was paid.


    Blake, you will be missed. Rest in Peace Amigo, may God grant you and your family His perfect peace!



    Rob Dyck

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  9. I was still a young pilot when I sent fire fighters away because it was clear to me they were under the influence. Bottom line is you have to be able to back up your decisions and not be wishy washy. Like Phil said, you are the Captain of your machine and fully responsible for it.


    Also, I have almost always (one exception) had great bosses who backed me up. EVERY time. If they don't then move on because you probably do not want to work there. I was a 100 hour pilot going out on my first job and my Boss took me to the side and said: "Never do anything you are uncomfortable with. If you do not like it, do not do it. I will always back you up!" Here I sit 23 years later flying a summer contract for the same Boss!


    As to your question about not having crew to replace them? We would have sat on the ground until they did. The days of being under "pressure" should be long gone. Yes, it may still be out there but it is up to you to quash it. Above all, be professional.


    Just imagine sitting in your Bosses office and trying to explain why some stoned firefighter threw his shovel into your main rotor blades.


    Sorry, ranting now, as to the topic? Having been on the bad side of a lawsuit by someone who was just after a money grab I can only say: I hate lawyers, especially the scummy ones. In my case I remained professional throughout and the "other" guy is no longer in the industry and settled for less than I earn in a week.

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