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  1. I was still a young pilot when I sent fire fighters away because it was clear to me they were under the influence. Bottom line is you have to be able to back up your decisions and not be wishy washy. Like Phil said, you are the Captain of your machine and fully responsible for it. Also, I have almost always (one exception) had great bosses who backed me up. EVERY time. If they don't then move on because you probably do not want to work there. I was a 100 hour pilot going out on my first job and my Boss took me to the side and said: "Never do anything you are uncomfortable with. If you do not like it, do not do it. I will always back you up!" Here I sit 23 years later flying a summer contract for the same Boss! As to your question about not having crew to replace them? We would have sat on the ground until they did. The days of being under "pressure" should be long gone. Yes, it may still be out there but it is up to you to quash it. Above all, be professional. Just imagine sitting in your Bosses office and trying to explain why some stoned firefighter threw his shovel into your main rotor blades. Sorry, ranting now, as to the topic? Having been on the bad side of a lawsuit by someone who was just after a money grab I can only say: I hate lawyers, especially the scummy ones. In my case I remained professional throughout and the "other" guy is no longer in the industry and settled for less than I earn in a week.
  2. Just a few weeks ago the crew got on board for another loaded patrol. After releasing the starter and switching on the generator I smelt the tell tale aroma of someone that had very recently smoked a joint. I went through my "checks" but was just giving the battery a chance to charge a little then looked at the crew leader and said we were shutting down. I kept him in the cockpit after the crew left and asked if he smelled the weed? He acknowledged it. I told him to get a different crew and that I would be ready to go in 10 minutes. I explained the shutdown to my concerned engineer to alleviate his concern. Ten minutes later the crew came back minus two guys that were sent packing and we went on our patrol. Last thing I need is some stoned fire fighter throwing a shovel into my blades or worse..... It ain't SMS....it is common sense.
  3. Wow, big sell today and not a peep here.......interesting..... I sense a lot of pilots will be changing hats soon..... And nope.....I won't be the first to say who..... Lol
  4. I know the company Dick works for. I agree with him, they are the kind of company that makes you feel like family. Plus they go the extra mile as is proven in Dicks case. Happiness comes from the inside. It's up to you. I have seen pilots so miserable I thought they would soon deep throat a shotgun but over the years they never changed even when they went to different companies. YOU need to find the right place, machine, money that makes you happy. I remember many moons ago, slapping bugs in Mobil Bistcho and being so happy and thankful that I found a flying job. 20 years later, I have students ask me if I still liked my job and I say no, I LOVE IT!!!!
  5. TC was caught lying on the stand and the adjudicator still decided in their favour.
  6. Jan retiring???? Ya right...heard that before......many times!!!! Hahaha Seriously though, fantastic guy, phenomenal pilot! He gave me my break into mediums back in 95 and I never looked back! Congrats Jan!!!
  7. RTR, Thank you! Though I don't know you personally, I appreciate the sentiment. I am a big boy and can take the worst thrown at me and come out on top. I always have. It was my choice to take the proceedings to the end, knowing full well that they would be public. I have moved on and taken it as a lesson learned. Hopefully, some that had been thinking about joining TC will think twice about taking that step. I was the highest experienced pilot there at the time, the training they said would take 2 years to finish I completed in 8 months. I am all about production and hard work.....and that is when the trouble started...... These forum does need good people with solid experience and wisdom to pass on to the next generation. As to comments against me from someone that hides behind an anonymous web name? I equate them with the residue left on the toilet paper after my morning dump and treat them accordingly!
  8. I should mention this, there ARE a few good men working at TC. They know who they are! Sadly, they slog thru the BS trying to help the industry and are constantly waylaid.....
  9. Well, I knew it would come out sooner or later. Not that I hid anything as I was always open about all this with my friends. I have so much I can say on the matter but, well, it just ain't worth my time. True, I was royally screwed over. Why? The best way I could say it is this. There are two ways of doing things in this world. The sensible " real world " way..... And the TC way. I was targeted right from the beginning. Lets face it, when you are in a room with 20 TC inspectors studying about the new SMS program and you pipe up that "this #### will never work in a million years!", you get marked. And that was just one of many incidents.....my problem? I did not tow the company line. No free thinking in that place.... It does surprise me that they dragged it to the end because there now is nothing holding me back from telling you about all the BS that goes on in that place. But then, I should probably be careful....they may still be out to get me....lol Funny thing though, I was already planning my exit when the SHTF..... But the jokes on them....while the whole grievance was going on, I built me a nice house in Mexico and went fighting fires. I'll be back next summer boys and girls. And to think I was stupid enough to think that I could join TC to help the industry....... As tor this thread...I don't give a ####, people that know me know I have a thick skin and could care less. So I sign off, from my penthouse in Brazil.... Rob Dyck EX TC and HAPPY!!!! Hey! I just read that and it is true...... Being EX TC is ECSTASY!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. For what it is worth, I saw a solid colored a-star (sorry, morning sun blocked color verfication) fly over my cabin (in the Green lake area BC)in the direction of Kamloops. Looked like it was coming out of 100 Mile House. This was saturday morning....
  11. LOVE my Db Blockers. But shop around. I paid around 130 bucks for molded with the filtered vents
  12. Truly truly sad for all involved. My deepest condolences to family and the crew at Campbell Helicopters... RIP
  13. I FLY FOR PIE in Chilliwack BC. Yup best pie and the "Airport Burger" on the menu will go up against the best of them.... :up:
  14. >QUOTE (finallyflyin @ Mar 4 2010, 08:31 PM) crap, i'm being taught at a metro atlanta location and i don't thing that we're even allowed to practice off airport landings here...i'm on my 7th hr and the only thing we've done is go to a more rural airport...still in a very busy county/airport<!--QuoteEEnd--> You should have done your training in canada! cool.gif" /> rob I'd bet 100 bucks your instructor (in Atlanta) has done ONE full on auto in his flying career....
  15. Lake Tahoe area......8000' the helicopter got into LTE that he actually flew away???? Priceless
  16. I did one tour in Doha....... nuff' said......
  17. Pilot injured after helicopter carrying 10 people goes down in central B.C. Tue Mar 23, 6:54 AM By The Canadian Press ALEXIS CREEK, B.C. - Police aren't saying much after a helicopter crash in central B.C. RCMP Const. Craig Douglass says the chopper carrying 10 people went down while on its way to a heli-skiing site near Alexis Creek, 100 kilometres west of Williams Lake, Monday afternoon. Douglass says only the pilot suffered injuries and the rest of the chopper's occupants were safely evacuated by charter provider White Saddle Air. Douglass says police don't know know why the helicopter went down, how far it might have fallen or the extent of the pilot's injuries. The Transportation Safety Board will lead the investigation into the incident.
  18. Reject the clearance because with the SE RofC in the SK76A, you will not clear the hills in front of you. Don't matter who accepts the clearance, if you depart, you'll be a smoking hole.
  19. So after 19 odd years in the Industry I decided to go to TC. Getting first hand look at this SMS, I was VERY vocal in my opinions. I am now out of TC and in a grievance situation so I cannot say anything now. If things don't work out for me in the grievance process and I leave TC permanently, well, I will have much to say. The Fifth Estate didn't get half of it....
  20. I have a cabin in that neighbourhood. But hey, I am with you guys, burn baby burn, get the boys some work.... (yes, insurance is fully paid up )
  21. If that is the same Rob Kelly that past away in Chile? Then ditto, first friend I lost.... Harry Chernetz and Terry Benson, Harry was on the phone trying to talk me into coming along for that gig as he was getting on the plane..... Randy Hildebrand and Dick Wood so recently.... So many familiar names on the lists so far..... Too dam many...... RIP
  22. Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Yellowknife for some training at GSH. I have to say that I was impressed with the operation and the personnel that work there. One point near and dear to my heart was their willingness to hire low time pilots and mentor them thru various projects to get these young pilots experience and hours flying. Interestingly enough, this thread came up in conversation and while it was good to hear what is really going on, it is sad how this thread has gone down the $hi&&er. I have seen threads close for kicking a dead horse quicker than this in the past and I would think 17 pages is probably enough here too. JR, AB and IH, it was a pleasure meeting you chaps, you guys are professionals in every way! I will now go back into hibernation....cheers! 412driver
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