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  1. Thanks everyone. I wish you all the best. Fly safe...........
  2. I have started with Transport Canada and after a couple weeks of watching the forums I have come to realize that I have to withdraw. In my position I have too much confidential information that I may slip while posting and I can't allow that to happen.... I may still stop by anonymously from time to time to see what's new. Take care all and be safe. 412driver Robert Dyck
  3. If memory serves me correctly...... the corner of W. Pender and Howe...... NW corner
  4. Sorry, I have a Blackberry so at that time no camera..... However, I have been given a new cell phone therefore this week I will be ready aim and fire!!
  5. I was walking in downtown Vancouver last week and sitting on the corner is a panhandler. The thing that got my attention was he was wearing an almost new Great Slave Helicopters hat!! I wish I had a camera at the time............ I couldn't resist, slipped him a couple bucks and said: "I know....slow summer"
  7. not really......no boobs!!!! :punk: :punk: :punk:
  8. Hmmmm, that's too bad. I used to enjoy visiting that hangar because he had a smokin' hot secretary. I used to think to myself, man, my wife would never let me have a hot secretary like that. Too much temptation she would say. The kind of temptation that could cause a man to stumble after which my wife would for some reason want half my ####. And then what, heck, I'd have to sell everything to pay her out...... Yup, that's what my wife would do I reckon. But hey, that's just me. I'm glad he's just a smart business man getting out while the gettin's good. "Money isn't an issue there. They're just reading the writing on the wall and cashing out. Smart move by an otherwise so so operator." Smart man. :up:
  9. Deepest condolences to the family and friends.......
  10. trying to attach a scan of the service program.....
  11. The Abbotsford Flying Club was packed to overflowing. Speeches were given by his daughter Laura (who did a great job holding her composure). Rocky too gave a speech. Live music was played by his old friends, favorites that Dick always requested they play. Then a picture power point presentation with wonderful memories was presented. The service ended and people moved to the lounge to reminisce. At 3:00pm Cathy, Clayton and Andy from Chinook Helicopters where Dick trained for many years did a fly-by with 3 Bell 47's with the Dale bringing up the rear in his Bell 212S with the right break. I was there until 5:00pm, as were most. A testament to a man loved and respected enough that nobody wanted to say goodbye.......... You are a legend buddy...... RIP!
  12. Please do! For information on citizenship and immigration programs and services. 1 888 242‑2100 (in Canada only)
  13. ya....and i am taking that bike and the missus and headed south for a couple weeks. highlites: monument valley, grand canyon, hoover dam(maybe), route 66 into LA then south to san diego, cruisin' the beaches northward with a stop at the rat's kingdom to meet up with the nieces then ride the #1 all the way back home......... :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: oh, and yes....i see hl56 and a crane....i'll stop in. :up:
  14. Any news on this? Could someone PM me? I have some post students in the area.........
  15. actually, I believe the number is closer to 1.25 seconds to get the collective down!!!
  16. ya, a 150 hour pilot trained by a 300 hour pilot............. :down:
  17. Effective December 2008, TC is planning to allow a person with a US commercial helicopter license (150 hours) to be able to come to Canada, show their US license and will be issued a Canadian commercial helicopter license. NO flight test, NO exam! On the flip side, a Canadian pilot cannot do the reciprocal in the US because they are 50 hours short. Thoughts?
  18. When i did mine i did the sim and airplane with Pro and the helicopter with Lyle (Heli-college) Both are professional outfits........... FYI.... Chinook helicopters now has an approved simulator with a couple of ex Helijet / offshore IFR Captains (with Class 1 Instructor ratings of course ) to do your IFR training. Also, the CFI has Designated Flight Examiner status for IFR. You may want to check out their program as well.......... :up:
  19. Holy Crap!! CASEY's Pub aaaahhh the memories..... Hey FREDDIE...I have some foggy memories of us shutting that place down as well...... Hey Rob....when you told them your name, they must have been missing ME!!! HAHAHAHAHA :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk:
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