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  1. old chinese proverb: "he who thinks his poop (for kyle) don''t stink"............
  2. that only applies when you work for a CANADIAN company. i.e. CHC other than that you better be a NON-RESIDENT or else....lookout
  3. and kyle, you have to admit, the topic does warrant extreme reaction.......
  4. i like your thinking sfc, but as previously stated, it won''t make a difference. any company that has the requirement will put you through the course so save your money. besides, if your just starting out the chances are the ratings you hold will keep you "within gliding distance of shore". yes?
  5. ich vill make a report of your insolence for ze future referenz...... the tale of the toothpick is not a happy one i''m afraid...... check pm''s
  6. HEY! why was my topic titled censored?? i cry foul...FOUL!!
  7. that''s cuz he picked the best man for the job
  8. it TOTALLY kills the incentive. bottom line is they will pull in more ozzie and kiwi drivers. still sucks though
  9. i just heard that revenue canada just signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates. bottom line to those in abu dhabi: revenue canada can now look at YOUR payroll!!! this is not good........
  10. LMD went to france eh? didn''t know that. i thought i saw it in calgary a few moons ago as the jet was taxiing out for t/o. saw a 47 tucked away behind a hangar....
  11. looking for any other "boat job" veterans out there! you know who you are... those that started flying LMD and a couple others off the tugs in the arctic. 1989 and 1990 were my years........
  12. well elvis, if your helicopter only cost a couple hundred grand..... the 412''s i fly in the gulf don''t leak...wait...never mind, it don''t rain there
  13. when i started out 15 odd years ago the story was EXACTLY the same. there were no jobs. nobody wanted a lowtime pilot. same again was the "what about when the experienced pilots disappear?" line. well, like another pilot and myself were just discussing last night, WE are now the experienced pilots. bottom line, if you want it bad enough, you''ll find something. don''t give up and i would say don''t go spending alot of extra money on "time". a company will hire you with 105 hours just as easy as 120 or 150 ect. there are companies that hire low time pilots. find them and camp out at their door. oh, and NEVER tell your travel plans to other low time pilots as i remember my "friends" being at the door ahead of me after telling them of a "lead". all my friends that i went to school with and that had good attitudes and the drive to find that job are working today. just off the cuff i can think of classmates in africa, until recently in iraq, logging, you name it so DON''T GIVE UP!
  14. 2760 YARDS???? dang, now THAT is one H#LL of a shot. canada rocks again!!!
  15. as many of you, i myself am not in favour of war BUT, i also realize that saddam hussien is a monster that needs to go. did we forget the gas attacks 15 years ago? that wasn''t a military "action" it was women and children in their homes. that psycho has killed hundreds of thousands of people and he sits in the ranks of the hitlers and stalins of this world. the outcome of this war will be quick and you will see iraqi''s surrendering in droves and the truths of that madman will come out when he is gone. then we will be in for a shock. then again, human nature forgets rather quickly.........
  16. good one 407. here''s what a buddy passed on....... I just came back from the Vancouver office today and saw some pictures of the crash from Baku. Aircraft burned and is a right off. Nobody hurt. Happened during auto training, the local national pilot stood the S-76 on her tail to the point where the tail hit first and came down so hard that it broke off the gear and skidded on the runway. This ripped out the fuel tank and started the aircraft burning.
  17. the UN helicopters had their war insurance cancelled and flew to cyprus via syria. boys are all out safe.
  18. you know, all this sheep talk is making me wonder about you guys ctd, you still gonna be around town on the 10th? saltspring over 60''s? why they were some of my best customers during my air ambulance days
  19. i am smelling the potential for another "RIOT AT THE HYAAT" funny thing is, the only one recognizable will be CTD cuz we gotta look at his mugshot every time that vortex comes round
  20. i used to be the 76driver but as CTD says, i got tired of wearin'' da drag now i be the 412driver. smiling more, not sure if that be the bird or the $$$$$... right...left???? i''m on the wet coast started reading this post and realized that YOUR ALL NUTS!!! i''m glad nothings changed and it feels good to be among my peers
  21. for the married guys (like me) it''s covers and then some. the single guys that go out and pay US$10-$15.00 a beer at one of the few bars in town find they run a little thin.
  22. ok, got the 412 name made official. nice place here........... speaking about vortex. was checking my "files" and i have a folder of vortexs'' that has the first issue dated 03/88! just in from the gulf so i''m starting to find some time to peruse the various magazines. must say, i''m liking what i am seeing. just need more 412''s....and chicks.....YA BABY!!!!!!
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