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  1. my condolences to his family and friends. RIP
  2. the way i read RHRobs post is that he is BRAGGING about his 47...not defending it! and rightfully so bottom line for anyone looking is don't listen to us. go and visit every school, talk to the people there (students and instructors) and make YOUR OWN DECISION!!
  3. hey cap, small world but i was in the neighbourhood that day too. 1995 i think or 96? man, that seems so long ago. the fire officer was in the front seat and two firefighters in the back that were lost as i recall. but that's how it went down. everyone said NO, we can't fly in 0/0 but one guy had to try to please the customer..... and yes, i too have used that incident as part of my safety briefings to snap some to attention! funny thing, while negotiating a CP position years later, the point that caused me to walk away from the job was that same guy. i refused to have him on my roster. so i left and a different CP (under too much pressure i think) signed him off and that guy put a medium into a lake on his very first fire that summer while bucketing, luckily he was alone..........
  4. because the best instructors in the fraser valley are teaching on a 47............. and the one that isn't ........ wishes he was
  5. exactly Winnie, thanks. just saying nobody is paying me to endorse any school as to my word? my grandfather taught me that one of the most impoortant things in life is a man's word. something i take very serious. so i'm just going to leave it at you misunderstanding the meaning of my post. and yes, i am sure there are good schools out east too
  6. OK.....think about that......would you want a kid with a new licence and ZERO experience teaching you how to fly? Or would you rather have someone with ALOT of experience teaching you to fly... do your homework. since I have left the teaching game for a sabbatical and have no affiliation with any school i can give you an honest recommendation. learn on a 47 and learn in the Fraser valley and you will do fine. There are two VERY good schools that fly the 47's in the valley. Visit both and make your decision..... good luck
  7. great pics RDM. great meeting ya too! next time don't work so hard eh?
  8. hey pottsy!! great meeting you buddy!! ya...TOPGUN..thanks for the idea.....love that place.... "THIS IS MY GLOCK, THERE ARE MANY GLOCK'S OUT THERE BUT THIS ONE IS MINE!!!" :punk: we ended up shooting a few hundred rounds (easy to do on full auto :up: ). had a .45 ; 9mm ; Tommy gun ; and the AR-15 what a blast!
  9. too much fun............ :punk:
  10. i hope this goes through.... the day after HAI, we went to "unwind" Texas style............
  11. we noticed that phil so we figured we'd leave you to it!......... if yer ever passin' through pardner.............
  12. ooops....double tap........
  13. what a great show. it was great meeting the fine people from the forum as well. as to the poster thing. i talked to mike and it was an honest mix up, go talk to him at HAC i'm just sad we couldn't spend more time with everyone. phil, ronnie, sorry we didn't get more time to chat, i really wanted to tip back a few with ya'll! definitely want to meet with all at HAC!! we'll be there!! :up: boy, i'll always remember racing a ford falcon with a horse (carrying 5 slighty inebriated canadian yahoo's) through the streets of downtown Houston. you know, if we offered just a bit more money...........that gal would have let loose a few rounds with the handgun :punk: :punk: hey wait....what happens in houston...................
  14. hey, is CTD here??? buddy, come to booth 1101!! 412driver
  15. Bell party......blurry memory........head hurting................... :punk: :punk: :punk:
  16. i don't fly euro but the EC175 is one sweet @ss looking helicopter. 16 place!! i am sure mike will post a pic soon. he has a better camera
  17. sorry the quality ain't great. crappy camera but it's the best i can do for now........... enjoy 412driver :punk:
  18. :shock: :shock: :shock: :punk:
  19. i'm headed out the door in a couple hours. i am REALLY looking forward to this as well as meeting all my forum mates :up: generous offer mike thanks, looking forward to seeing you guys as well. i'll be 2 booths over...... also looking forward to seeing the airshow of all the heli's coming in! this is going to be GREAT!! :up:
  20. i really dislike it when they lump "settling with power" in the same phrase with "vortex ring"..... two separate issues....IMHO
  21. OOOOOOO add a big bag of popcorn, margret trudeau and a 45 gallon.....WAIT......... NO NO NO....412.....INSIDE VOICE
  22. i remember hearing 5 Marines armed to the pecans in the back... as an instructor, seeing the guy flying with his collective hand on his lap makes me smile. i always gave my students one mulligan, after that if they put their hand on their lap i would roll off the throttle....everytime until that habit went bye-bye
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