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  1. Congrats Cole. good job! by the way, i JUST missed you in penticton the other day..............
  2. gradual loss of power?? sounds like a cylinder going........schweizer may have a glitch on their hands........ that has happened TWICE to another 300 operator recently........... since the censorship gods won't allow naming of names even if it is FACT..... i won't say who
  3. no assumption necessary as it is in the report. i'm glad the pilot is ok! :up:
  4. make sure to get the "vented" versions. that way they allow for altitude pressure AND they allow conversation without always having to take them out. i wear them and they are GREAT!! :up: in the helicopter or riding my motorcycle...they rock! this is what i have: http://www.protectear.com/products/list_products.asp
  5. and so everyone can recognize me.....i'll be in my flashy red suit
  6. works for me....i'll be about 2 booths over
  7. for the first time ever...I'LL BE THERE!! :up: looking forward to meeting all my forum comrades!! :up:
  8. the reason PCTIA is here is because it HAS happened in canada in the past. :down: hey, didn't American Chopper do a bike for them a while back??????
  9. now go teach jan how to do them in the 212!!! ya baby!! :up:
  10. nice helmet 47B3...... :punk: i'm glad that by the late 80's...i didn't have to wear one of those anymore taken near Norman Wells 1989
  11. i'm curious. the moisture on the windshield from the last shot....is it frozen? also, same shot, it appears the photo was taken on short final to the pad from the pilot side. I'm guessing WM was flying from the other side while you took the pic? again...just curious........
  12. when i saw the length of the post i thought...oh jeez...here he goes again i can't believe that i read it all........ i too have been reading coles entries but have been keeping my yap shut. first off, i agree with everything rob posted. now i ain't judging...just my opinion..... when i started reading coles posts i was thinking, man, that kid has some talent to be progressing as he is. made me jealous he didn't come train with me i gotta admit....the cockyness.....i've seen it before....it's kinda scary........... again, i don't want to judge...i am a minor in the field of 10,000+ guys but one thing for sure that my 19 years and 8000+ hours have taught me: that the day i have it down to a science, that i can handle everything with no problem and i can handle any stuck pedal with total ease ect ect......... i'm gonna say *&%$ it and hang up my helmet now cole, this is not meant to put you down in any way. everyone can see you have alot of talent and a pretty good attitude so i would just say this. build on that in a positive way and one day you'll be telling some up young pup the same thing
  13. having flown "Air Ambulance" (i write it that way cuz I never could spell mediv...mede...oh never mind), this hits close........ Godspeed to the crew, praying...hoping....for the best........... Prayers to the families and friends as well................
  14. Great Job!! THAT is the one flight you will always remember! Congrats!!! :up:
  15. i have talked to Bob about HEPAC and i can tell you, this thing is far from a union. in fact, i was quite impressed with some of the things that HEPAC is working on. also, if this was a union...i don't think that companies would be showing interest, do you?
  16. I worked there briefly and didn't go back after the war started......... The arabs treat you like #### and the money is so so. they make you fly your @ss off as previously stated. I was thinking about going back but after talking to friends that are still there it has gotten much worse so i decided to pass. they are losing engineers like crazy. at one point they had 7 of their 12 a/c US!!! from what i hear aerogulf treats you better but albert ross could fill you in on that........
  17. 1. You have been cleared for t/o RWY 27 at YYJ. You are at 200lbs below GW with your SK76A and the wx is at IFR minimums. What would you do? 2. What type of projection is the VTA map? The VNC? 3. You have been flying your 206 for about 25 minutes when you realize you haven't switched on your generator. What would you do? 4. Upon landing your 206, you close the throttle to idle, it should take _______ seconds for your N1 to drop to idle.
  18. I put this on a different post but has relevance here. so there you go........... After having done licence conversion training for pilots from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe I have the following observations: You must meet the Canadian Flight standards to pass the flight test. I recommend going online at Transport Canada's website and downloading the Flight Test Guide. http://www.tc.gc.ca/civilaviation/general/...TP3077/menu.htm As to emergencies: you must be able to (at the discretion of the Examiner) perform Full On autorotations as well as land with "Jammed " pedals or any other of a number of emergencies. Navigation: you MUST be able to plan a nav trip, then perform a GROUND SPEED check along the way in which to determine your revised ETA, TO YOUR DESTINATION! We have met some great guys from all over this globe that are true professionals. We have also met the "hey, I already have 1200 hours so just give me my licence" that can't meet the standard to save their life....at times LITERALLY! Most hated phrase? "Well we don't do it like that "or" We don't teach it like that back home" Take a %#@*&$ look around....you ain't back home bubba. I have had pilots with over 1000 hours of INSTRUCTION under their belt that have done ONE full on autorotation that they had to demonstrate for their Instructor rating and I am guessing the Examiner was hands on that one! If you are coming here that's great, you are welcome. If you are coming to work, that's fine too.
  19. as soon as i saw this, i turned around and asked H56 if he was ok he looked up and asked: "why, what'd I do?" i think they suspected a hard over with the AFCS at just the wrong time
  20. you get what you pay for..................
  21. the picture with christine brought it back. i met ken in manila when he came over with christine in 2002........... that was the only time i ever met him. we tipped some cold ones and cracked some jokes. a good memory, the kind of memories one likes. Godspeed Ken
  22. yup...maybe that's why the wifey makes me keep them locked away now nowadays i guess it's pepper spray and a ....... :boff: :punk: :punk:
  23. i was done typing before i saw the caps were locked.... too lazy to change it.......... still mean what i said...........
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