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  1. so its essentially a mass human trial like all the conspI ra cy theor y sts say it is?. Ill wait till the trial is done and the actual multi year results are in.
  2. Didnt the FAA initially say (last summer) that pilots would lose medicals if they took these vaccines? Then a few months later that decision was changed. I never researched what actually made them change their minds but the initial ruling was based on the side effects. I dont really see any mitigation in the side effects as far as what the news and health authorities are saying.
  3. you will learn eventually but remember to keep 30% in the bank for the taxman
  4. But you might get to land 75+ times a day? Wouldnt that fit your handle well?
  5. Down is best for pack ability but leave it in a compression sack for a season and it will be worthless for insulation when you need it most. It a balance between cost, pack ability, durability and maintenance. Down needs to be stored uncompressed and able to breathe. With tracking these days I notice less pilots carrying sleeping bags.
  6. Talk to this guy.... Tell him Dion sent you Shaq Tcherni shaq@sasktel.net
  7. Most schools will train you to Class 4 but will want a time commitment from you to get you through the supervision required to advance to Class 3 and Class 2.
  8. You have bit of homework to do. Some companies may be set up to pay you contract as long as you or rather your corporation are set up that way. If you are working as an employee cra will want to know if the aussies tax at the same rate as canada. You will want all the required proof of that for your canada tax return.
  9. Yes, I have worked for Cathy in the past and indeed when I get a chance it is likely I will go there for the renewal. Thanks
  10. I noticed TC has the dates for the fixed wing courses up but nothing for helicopters this year or next. Has anyone heard if there will be one this year? Cheers
  11. Minutemans 210 stopped through here from Alaska the other day going home to Montana. Is the 212 ep what killed that program?
  12. pretty sure chinook have it published on their site somewhere
  13. You can order it for a new aircraft. Very spendy. I think it is more like the EC120 system, VEMD and a throttle but no FADEC.
  14. you may have some luck looking for an AS550 fennec flight manual.
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