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  1. The guys at CHL have no choice but to look to a union. Its now a company run by bean counters who have no idea what its like in the bush and on the road. Besides they are too top heavy, the folks who do all the work and take all the risks get the worst treatment, while office assistants and money wasters get the glory. Having said that, I am not pro union. I think its a last resort of the beaten soul. :punk:
  2. Rumors are bad things to start. That type of talk could hurt a guys rep, but I'm sure its like water off a ducks back, especially to a smart cat like Mark.
  3. well I sure am glad to have posted this topic, the more info the better. Don't like walking into the unknown blindfolded. Thanks for input yall. I'm not too sure about the requirements for low time co-joes or ground crew, I do know the best way to find out is to log on to the web site and fill out the prospective pilot qualification sheet and wait for a reply, actually I think they post the min requirements on the site. cheers ..chance favors the prepared mind......................
  4. I spoke to one of their guys over there the other day and he was talking about lone ling work in yemen, fire fighting in Italy and tower construction some where in the mountains. He was looking for some one immed. because who ever he had lined up went for the heli sking instead. I turned down because I have a baby coming in March. So if anyone is looking now is a good time to call. I think they want some one for March 7 for six weeks. cheers..............
  5. wondering if anyone has an idea what abu dabi offers for contract coin on 212.
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