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  1. Does anyone have a copy of said mystery letter?
  2. My apologies, most updated chart attached. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. B2 Flight Manaual.pdf
  3. but is only applicable to the mineral oil, not 254.
  4. If you believe that you are going to get a consensus of opion on this site you are really dreaming, you are probably the first person to beleive this is a learning site, welcome. I am not looking for an opinion or trying to "learn" anything, I was asking as to how other operators/pilots are dealing with this issue of gearbox oil and temperatures and I will form my own opinion. After you crash and the TSB finds out it was due to the wrong oil in the main or tail rotor gear box, your Insurance Company is going to be very unhappy and I beleive you will be also. That is a little brash. I am adhering to the limitations set in the RFM. As I said before, Airbus is in the loop. As I asked before, I am just curious as to how other operators/pilots are dealing with the gearbox oil and temperature restrictions. Being that mineral oil is really the only answer to dealing with temperature swings (the downside is a thicker oil that it has a tendency to blow seals), or are they switching oils, or are they even aware that this limitation is in the RFM. I have spoken to a few operators in the last few days and most are confused and thought it was the other way around or somewhere just unaware of this limitation. So in this case, this forum can be a learning tool. As I said before, the inability to find mineral oil in this country leads me to believe that this is not a well-known limitation or everyone is switching oils seasonally. BTW, spell check is a thing that can be used even on this forum. Accurate grammar and spelling adds a lot to credibility. *Thank you Hazy for your meaningful contribution to my question, that is what I am looking for*
  5. First, that was a statement that has nothing to do with the question, We have gone to the source and they are looking into why there is a difference between the B3 (which allows you to run synthetic oil below minus 20) and the B2/BA - but this is a multi-year program it seems. I ask this out loud because it seems like most operators and pilots are doing what we normally do otherwise Airbus would have corrected this issue long ago and if we don't bring it up as a group then the manufacturer will never change it and we will all be operating outside of the RFM. This was brought to light by a very diligent CP that is a religious RFM reader and missed it for years. I just can't believe there is not a liter of mineral oil in this country if we are all supposed to be running it, so that leads me to believe that most, if not all, are running synthetic. Isn't this supposed to be a place where you can bring up concerns, compliments, etc about our industry to have a discussion about it - or should we just hide our heads in the sand?
  6. The market is moving to a flat floor aircraft - hence the AS350 being so popular. I have had many passengers complain about the Bell layout compared to an Astar product. Personally, I prefer a Bell to fly in but that doesn't matter if the customers don't want it. I am sure there are many more reasons why Bell decided on the 505 over other platforms.
  7. With mineral oil only or mobile jet2 (mobile jet 2 cannot be used above zero though) as per the rfm
  8. Unfortunately no provision for increase in the rate.
  9. What are people running for oil in the Astar (BA/B2) gearboxes during the winter or full time? Are most aware that there is a minimum temp of -20 when using Mobile254?
  10. Anyone hear what is going on at West Coast Heli?
  11. Looks like LTE, look forward to hearing the full investigation.
  12. I saw a lot of crazy comments on here that I really felt like commenting on but this one was the only one that was constructive and factual. Speaking only on the aircraft I am endorsed on, and that these spreadsheets cover - power checks are for trending and a failed power check is not a groundable item. If your aircraft is failing powerchecks and you need a chart to tell you, then there probably a bigger problem. Seriously though, the real problem is professional pilots not doing power checks on a regular basis and not how a pilot plots the power check.
  13. there are a couple of companies out there that charge the client more than 2 a day and also pay the crews 4 a day. but due to the "others" charging less per hour these companies seem to be getting less work. Seems like it is the "large" share holder type companies that are driving the rates down and paying the crews chump.
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