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  1. I can't imagine needing CEPs AND ANR. The CEPs are really quiet, if you can get used to them. I had molded earplugs for years and didn't mind them (recently lost), but they are a pain to take on and off, sometimes they fall out of your ears or the speaker comes out of the insert. I've been wearing the CEPs with the foamy ear plugs lately and while quiet, they get uncomfortable after about 2 hours of flying. I'll go ANR on my next helmet. My buddy cannibalized some A20s for his helmet and loves them. Very slick set up.
  2. 38 years and counting, some 40 different countries - plenty of long line and fires, years of EMS, a decade of offshore off the East coast in some very challenging weather, plus summers and winters in the Arctic, military support in unmentionable and dangerous places, SAR both coasts of Africa and in South America, a few years kicking around the Caribbean... The experiences I've had, the challenges I've overcome, the people I've met - would not change a single thing. Best life there is.
  3. Novel 2 has been done awhile but I'm struggling to find a publisher. I could go the same route as the last one but there was zero marketing, I had to do it all myself, and I kinda hated that aspect of writing a novel.
  4. Very loosely based on a Brit I worked with in Tanzania. He has since left the industry and works in insurance.
  5. I went into the registry office in Nova Scotia and did it all myself, incorporated for around $300 all in. Accountant will sort the rest. Covered on the company plan. Rate is very good. There is no salary with these lads, they only hire contractors (overseas).
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. Dust is settled, my company is up and running and doing me well. Year end will tell me how good my accountant is....
  7. Moved for two jobs in 37 years, both turned out to be very good moves, but admittedly it's a gamble. Got 9 years and an IFR ticket out of the first move, and heavy/offshore time and 11 years out of the second move. Then I went touring. Wife is too settled now to move anywhere again. I turned down one request to move in the past five years but they gave in and elected to tour me, so I got lucky. I wouldn't advise it but you just never know....
  8. Excellent, thank you. Learning lots and slowly figuring it out.
  9. I need to set myself up as a company for some contract work (always been working for someone else the past 36 years). Any advice or guidance greatly appreciated.
  10. Perhaps read the original post prior to posting a sarcastic comment?
  11. As far as international touring goes, I spoke with a buddy today in Kazakhstan that is stuck there for the next four months, followed by four months off. Another buddy is stuck in Ghana for the foreseeable future. I'm SUPPOSED to be back to my government gig in the Caribbean the end of April if the government allows any foreigners in at that time, which will certainly be followed by 14 days quarantine, if I can travel at all. We proposed two month tours to help out but it may turn into 3 or 4 months...
  12. Yes, Amazon only allows me to offer the Kindle digital version (as per my original post) for free for a maximum of 5 days. They will not allow me to offer the paperback for free.
  13. As a lot of us are stuck at home, I've set my novel free of charge for download (Kindle) to whittle away a couple of hours. On Amazon free for the next five days. It’s a fictional tale of a timid man’s first overseas tour (East Africa - where i spent quite a few years), and things get a little nuts. It’s been well received in the literary community with plenty of good reviews. I hope you enjoy it! The Helicopter Pilot
  14. Still on salary for the time being but nearly impossible to get back and forth to work overseas. My back2back and I offered to do two month tours and hopefully things are normalized enough by the end of April to allow my return. We're considered essential so fingers crossed....
  15. My friend Stephen Ryan, pilot for the Maryland Police, has an active helicopter blog some here may find interesting; The Rotor Break My Latest Entry
  16. I think I actually did 16 hours one day but don't have that logbook with me. I tend to remember things wrong, or so the wife tells me. I do recall doing 180 hours in 19 days back in the 80s, inertial nav survey. 180 was the limit in 30 days so I had to stop early.
  17. If pushing my book is allowed....I wrote a novel awhile back. Its done quite well with great reviews, about a pedantic pilot's first tour overseas. Give you an idea of the things you have to deal with. The Helicopter Pilot - A Novel Fictional, mostly...... Plus a recent article in Vertical Magazine; ferry trip from Gabon to Poland; Ferry Flight Article
  18. Highly recommended! Its quite the experience to make a living while exploring other cultures and seeing the world. There's good times and bad times, from armed compounds to five star resorts on the beach. I've flown in 32 different countries now, my favourites being Kenya and Gabon, and I'm now in Trinidad & Tobago and its a sweet gig. Best if you can get into the exploration end of things as you'll bounce around a lot more on short term contracts, as opposed to production where you could spend an entire career in one spot. Hot spots now are Ghana and Guyana. Mostly European companie
  19. The custom fitted CEPs are worth it. They take some getting used to initially but I've got thousands of hours on 61s (not so bad) and Super Pumas (high pitched whine) with them in a Alpha Eagle helmet, also have used them in a pair of David Clarks. Never replaced them, still in good shape. Worth the investment in a noisy aircraft. Luckily I'm on AW139s now and noise cancelling Bose (supplied) work great. They sucked in the Pumas with the windows open.
  20. Having faced this repeatedly, and being considered a bit of a rogue, I tend to bite my tongue to get the job done, within reason. I tend to apply the following far too often; “Rules are for the guidance of wise men and for the obedience of fools - Douglas Bader” I believe common sense is sorely lacking these days, but you have to stick your neck out pretty far sometimes to apply it.
  21. Lucky Bugger. I miss flying. I'm writing operation manuals and training programs for a foreign government, with the odd demo flight for the CAA. Mostly meetings with the quality department and the sole CAA inspector (plus deep sea fishing and days at the beach), but I do get plenty of playing in the sim. Moving towards flying SAR and bucketing with a 139....can't wait! Thanks but I'm good with those 206 numbers. Lost a favourite hat bucketing without doors in the 80s.....
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