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  2. "Throwing Quebec in as a bonus"????? U mean as a "debt ridden liability"!!!! Please don't do us any favors!!!
  3. Finally a little spice in this forum again!! Glad to see there are still plenty of dumbasses in the business!!
  4. The camera is mounted on the end of the hoist arm.
  5. So what happens when a low time diver doesn't do his job and lets the whole company down?? Do you guys have a big circle jerk, hold hands, hug and tell him it's ok if he's a f*** up. Of course you wouldn't want to hurt his feelings!! I would think in a dangerous job like professional diving, you guys wouldn't put up with incompetence, but what do I know?
  6. Don't worry Shitshow, some of us understood that your story wasn't 100% literal and we got the point you were trying to make. I would have done the same thing had I been in your shoes (Although I would have knocked on the door first just in case the little pissant dumbass was lying naked on the bed.....EEEUW!) You little crybabies can complain about Shitman's methods all you want but remember that if the little jerk off had done his job to begin with, we wouldn't be having this argument in the first place!
  7. Why would you even mention it if you can't tell us who they are?
  8. So I guess they don't have gliding distance rules over there????
  9. Pop out floats aren't like airbags, they don't actually inflate fast enough to break any bones.
  10. That's funny!!!!! I don't care what anybody says!!!! Priceless!
  11. Stop your whinning and get to work!!! Just kidding, but seriously, you're not in the wrong industry, you're in the wrong province. Move to Alberta where you can make some real money!!
  12. It's not about pissing off the boss, it's about respecting his property. If you ask him if he minds you hot dogging his helicopter/pick up truck/ wife etc and he says "sure" then go at it. If you know he would have a problem with it, then don't do it. Plain and simple.
  13. Can't believe I wasted 5 minutes of my life on this stupid video and they don't even show the crash other than that photo!! Rip off!!
  14. You guys are all missing the bigger issue: that aircraft needs to be strobed!!!
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