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  1. Let me know what you have, trying to avoid buying a new unit. Only need it once and awhile as I switch it to whatever aircraft I'm currently flying. Thanks
  2. Has anyone flown a 206BIII or an L with the new composite Van horn TR blades? Please let me know your thought.
  3. She will make a good parts ship. Doors, cowls, Litter kit, Instruments, Fins, Etc, etc. May just sell her to a school as is. All the non life limited parts can be returned to service once they pass overhaul. Grips, Link, lever, engine, Clutch, blades, Etc, Etc, Etc will all have to be scrapped.
  4. Hello Shark bait. No legal advice needed!! Interesting story, Pine trees always win!
  5. Thank you over talk. Nice to hear from someone with their head on straight. Yes, I'm with Westcan and bought the old 206 from the rcmp seizure for parts use. Shocking at some of the bone-head comments and speculation from some members. Really quite pathetic. It would be nice to have the log books. I realize there is very little chance of getting the books. It does'nt hurt to try and that's what I'am attempting to do. It is unbelievable how cheeky some people are. Before you put you foot in your mouths again, stop by my facility, and talk to me face to face. I would be glad to bring you up to s
  6. Looking for Log books for C-FTCH, Bell-206, Sn-860. No questions asked, cash reward. Brad- PH-250-554-4202
  7. Contact me for more info. No drug smugglers or skid kickers please!
  8. I'm looking for an instructor to come teach myself and two other family members on our R-44 Raven II. We are in Kamloops, B.C. We can fly at least two hours a day ea x 3 people. We each have approx 20 hours on the ship. Previous instructor lost his liscense. Ship is in Annual and insurance is in place.
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