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  1. I heard that BC Helicopters owner offered his company to the competition. For a mere 4 MILLION dollars!!! :shock: Save your pennies boys and girls
  2. 7500???????????? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep dip bubba, it's what we do! Like I read on another post that made me ROFLMAO.....Suck it up princess!! :boff: :jerry: :jerry: :jerry:
  3. Well, depending on "where" you will be training, it won't matter when you start. I know for a fact that one school has been placing well over 90% of their students. My buddy told me he had one kid in a job before he even finished! It was a "don't fail your flight test tomorrow because you are headed up north on monday" scenerio!
  4. Hmmm... so you are putting nothing away for that nice big overhaul at 2000 hours? Last I heard that cost around 200K so there is $100.00 p/hr alone. Insurance? Depends what you will be using it for. Training? Get ready to pay some $$$$$. Last I heard the Class 1 Instructors are getting more than $80 p/hr! "I can't remember how many hours it takes to do a 100 hour inspection on an R22, but figure about 15 man-hours at about 80 bucks an hour. That works out to 12 bucks an hour. " $12 bucks an hour??? Any engineers out there working for $12 bucks an hour???? Also, 15 hours ti
  5. So when you were getting ready to learn to drive cars, did you watch crash footage too? in aviation, it's called AIDS: A Aviation I- Induced D-Divorce S-Syndrome
  6. I saw it on the news last night. I think Vancouver. Looked blue and white, no name but an R22 for sure. Reporter said all 4 ( :shock: ) people got out alive! Anyone out west hear anything?
  7. NOBODY, not even the government screws with the oil!!
  8. Who died and made all the resources on this planet mine or yours to exploit? THE LAST GUY!! Don’t you think that since the earth provides so many resources and benefits for all of us that you could at least show just a little bit of gratitude and give back a little? NOPE!! Its only fair isn’t it? WHO SAID LIFE WAS FAIR?? The funny thing about your example of the "rainbow of fuel in the water" is that you are ruining it for yourself too. I am going to go way out on a limb here and make a guess that you enjoy fishing and hunting? Can't you make the connecti
  9. chill dude! I don't care if I make a point or not! I'm just tired of hypocrites like the ones JW was talking about. If you really do care so much about the planet then you would never drive a non electric car, use a gas mower and heaven forbid you would fire up the weedwacker. you could however shave your head, wrap yourself up in a nice red robe, give away your possessions, live in a mud hut and crap in the woods. that would definitely lessen the impact to the enviroment............ bottom line, it IS all about ME (or in your case YOU) oh...and the fact that I can take 5 minutes of
  11. Come on Freddie, tell us what you REALLY think!!!!! I'm from the west coast and I will hug that tree all the way to the mill!! :punk:
  12. Ya, good luck with that! 12 gals per hour (or 48 ltrs) (1.50 per ltr) = $72.00 instructor = $80.00 insurance = +/- $70.00 per hour maintainence = $80 per hour Add it up and you are 2 bucks an hour in the hole for every hour and you haven't even paid for the machine yet. I may be off on some of the costs but I'm betting I'm pretty close. Any instructors out there that can shed more light?
  13. yes, heard one serious, one minor........don't know names. anything more i would be speculating..............
  14. Good luck in the mines my friend. We don't need to sell you s#*t!
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