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  1. crap, i'm being taught at a metro atlanta location and i don't thing that we're even allowed to practice off airport landings here...i'm on my 7th hr and the only thing we've done is go to a more rural airport...still in a very busy county/airport
  2. i don't know much about the business aspect but i'm very aware of the medical aspect (i've been in critcal care medicine for 19 years) ranging from EMS to anesthesia provider. I can tell you that on the pre hospital business plan, you have to have all of your eggs in the basket before doing anything. Insurance companies won't pay you even close to your operating costs so you have to have agreements with them in advance. Especially since most of your calls will most likely be trauma calls unless you're a strictly a transport company. (ie, transplant services and hosp-hosp transfers) A
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