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  1. Wow, things have certainly went sideways at STARS! :shock:
  2. Maybe we should start to support HALO as well as we do STARS. It would be a shame to lose this service! Is there anybody out there that could help out HALO fundraising campaign?
  3. Quoted from a Medicine Hat news article. "A new helicopter at STARS Air Ambulance might be bigger, faster and have the range to travel into southeastern Alberta, but according to the MedicAir Society it isn’t fast enough. “It doesn’t matter what the range is, it’s the length of time it takes to get here,” said society chair Gerry Gaede. MedicAir’s rescue helicopter HALO is forecast to suspend operations September 15 and is currently attempting to secure the $800,000 needed to run the service annually." In my opinion I believe that VTOL EMS should maintain a fleet of many widley d
  4. Don't be so koy Freddie, let me know. Come on speak to me!!!! :shock:
  5. Do you remember where you bought them?
  6. I am looking at getting an ANR headset. I like the way Peltor fits versus the other brands, however I have heard that they are lacking in the ANR technology. Does anyone have first hand info on this brand/model?
  7. Righto! I am not able to help with Chapter 9 either. Have fun!
  8. I may have it, When do you need it by? As I will need to coordinate my priorities (pool time).
  9. Good to see that the majority is "not scared". I was truly worried that we have beome a bunch of sesitive pansies!! Cheers to the common sense of the majority!
  10. I once realized how dangerous it was to work downtown, crossing streets and working in tall buildings, where just any crazy man could drive a car or aircraft into you or your office,So I quit. I worked in the bush until I realized a tree could fall on my head or I could be eaten by any number of animals., So I stayed in camp. I cooked while at camp, as nothing can happen to me now. Then I realized how many people there are in camp. What may they do to me. So I left. ...... Now I am secure alone and safe........... What a defeatest attitude...... Th
  11. A little bit dramatic don't you think? I would be really concerened if I knew my pilot (either as a customer or crew member felt this way).
  12. Nursing - porn???? I wonder, maybe time for days off!!!!!
  13. Only advantage if you are working in the exporation of energy (Gulf of Mexico or offshore), then you will be able to take advantage of the OETC. Otherwise with the tax treaty that is in place all is the revenue information is shared. Obviously if you live in Canada why would you pay tax in the USA? However if you were to maintain a home in both countries there may be a reason to pay US taxes, as you can right off the mortgage intrest on the home in the USA.
  14. If you are Canadian, and you meet the requirements of the OETC you would be better off staying Canadian. If you are American, nothing changes. US tax laws require all international incomes declared and taxed.
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