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  1. Have a look at this article on the CASA website. Licencing news Canadian engineers will find it very easy now by the looks of it. From what I understand all you will need to do is sit the AA exam, which is air legislation, there are some schools that do these courses.
  2. Check out the NSW Ambulance web site http://www.ambulance.nsw.gov.au/ and have a look on proone, CHC tendered, along with several other commercial operators (with various degrees of international backing), and the present contractors, and won. CHC Australia, have been around in Oz for many years, all Aussies flying, fixing etc , they also have several EMS contracts around Oz (including one with the NSW Ambulance service), and the RAAF SAR contracts, so its not like a bunch of canooks have come over and taken the jobs off the locals! Cheers
  3. Contact www.fixthatplane.com They give you all the info you need and will send the books you need to study. They organise your FAA interview and the whole A&P thing can be done in as little as 1.5 days, just make sure you do the "study" they advise before you get there, then you can get on the turps and enjoy yourself.
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