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  1. Last tour I was asked to extend a couple of days. When I was going done I got a thank you text from the owner, that wouldn’t have happened a few years ago!
  2. My season is starting well. We have good contacts and don't rely on fires.
  3. Hey Buddy hang in their we are all thinking about ya.
  4. I just found out the Phoenix hangar survived the night. I do not know about any other hangars.
  5. Does anyone working in cymm have any details of which buildings at the airport have burned? Tonight I read the Nova hotel was burning and the old terminal was also burning? It would be good to hear from someone who has seen it first hand. Have any of the helicopter hangars burned?
  6. This season I was aware of work in lights, $200 per hr, 4 hr mins if hired. Another company was paying $225 per hr, 2 hr mins in intermediates.
  7. I have been flying for a few years now, I earn your "industry average". I am used to doing a four and two shift. I think that works out to 238 days a year away from home?. Sure is hard on the family and has cost me a divorce. We need to ask ourselves, do we want to be a workaholic, is the time away from home vs the money worth it. lawyers are expensive, and I don't think your employer will help pay that bill. That being said, I do expect to extend a little in the summer and have more time off in the winter. Anything longer than four weeks should be a unanticipated extension, not a scheduled sh
  8. I always enjoyed talking with you in my early years at Peace River and Fort St John. Take care, I hope all goes well !!!
  9. What a great thread!! Lots of good info. Especially for this time in the season!!
  10. From my experience, I have seen many operators are not interested in training the newer pilots interested in this work. Sure their are always exceptions, but this is the bottom line. I knew one astar pilot (with minimal LL time) was asked (out of desperation) to do a class D test. No training, right after a few months off…. Good for him he pulled it off! but the remainder of his time with that employer he did not get many LL jobs? One of my employers do their recurrent training in northern Alb, the LL component was minimal. All I ever did was one circuit, set the load, done! To be fair, they a
  11. As a transportation employee (pilot), I have been able to claim some expenses. The tax man has audited me and been ok with my claims! - aviation medicals - transport process fees - meal expense, but only what is not paid by the employer. If I am flying off base for more than eight hours that day, I do claim a meal. The tax man has been ok with this.
  12. Anyone have any advice about what to watch out for flying longrangers (L3). I do have 206 and 350 time but im new to these this season.
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