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  1. No time to read all these pages, sorry for any repeats. Edgeworth Helicopters in Salmon Arm Michael Air in Vernon, Conair Helicopters,from Frontier, Abbotsford BC Heli-Forex, my first employer in Val d'Or QC Caribou Chilcotin Lillooet BC
  2. Bonjour, est-ce le Michel Landry que j'ai renconté la semaine dernière sur un banc au sommet de la rue du Grand-Pont à Sion (Suisse)? Je suis Frédéric Hemmeler et on avait discuté ensemble un moment avant que l'on vienne me chercher en voiture...

  3. Pretty rough in Oz, especially in Tasmania lately. Is Wildcat still there on contract. I spent a few tours there a few years ago. It was really dead then. Hard to believe what has just happened and/or is still happening. Read more here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/ Good luck to all. Stay safe. PIC Michel Landry
  4. I never thought this would happen to me... I suddenly lost my medical last summer and fortunately, happened to be a full-time employee. I had been a contract pilot for most of the past 15 years before that (read no benefits). Luckily, I had access to disability benefits during this ordeal. I don't know what would have happened without this insurance. Maybe we would have had to sell the house? So, if you are a contractor, do you have personal insurance? Not only liability but disability? Don't believe that this cannot happen to you. It can. Fly safe, PIC
  5. I haven't written anything in this forum in a long time but this is worth mentioning. Not quite the same subject but close. I have had a corporation for 14 years (in BC) and never carried my own company WCB (Work Safe BC). I always made sure that the helicopter company I was flying for covered me. But that recently changed. If you have a company, you must sign up and contribute to WCB. Plain and simple. If you don't, they will eventually catch up to you and you'll then have to pay premiums, including back pay. It's a new thing, the Federal Government now shares info with WCB. I got a notic
  6. Could it not be possible to add a drop-down box allowing the visitor to narrow his/her search to a particular country (Canada, US, etc.). On the same token, another drop-box that would specify the type of job (pilot, engineer, or others). Just a suggestion. Great job Vertical, both online and with the mag!
  7. Hope the pilot recovers quickly. Safe flying everyone.
  8. Just read this latest news online: http://www.aviation.ca/content/view/8516/11 MONTREAL – Canadian Helicopters Income Fund (TSX: CHL.UN) (the “Fund”), the largest helicopter transportation services company operating in Canada, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded additional work in Afghanistan by the the United States Transportation Command (“USTRANSCOM”). This amendment to the support contract previously announced on December 22, 2008, entails the movement of supplies and passengers to military forward operating locations, and involves the provision of two fully crewed and
  9. Merry Christmas everyone! Here's to a great year in 2010! Cheers! Michel
  10. Blaming the pilot for this? You got to be kidding. He was simply landing in the usual designated spot, nothing else. It's the media that is to blame. They had no business being near the helipads. Lillooet was a very busy place for a few weeks and helicopter take-offs and landings were very frequent. Serves them right! Cheers!
  11. You're welcome, glad it helped. Shakey, are you talking to me or are you chewing a brick?
  12. Try this link: http://www.ciffc.ca/images/stories/pdf/heliquals.pdf And another one of interest perhaps: http://www.ciffc.ca/images/stories/pdf/aviationmatrix.pdf
  13. That's a Croman S-61 working out of Hope. Was probably getting fuel in Boston Bar.
  14. To say it's very busy in BC is an understatement. The whole province is ablaze. It's certainly helping our industry which badly needs the boost. But that being said, take your time everyone and keep it safe. I hear through the grapevine that VIH lost a 205 in a lake a few days ago, pilot was ok fortunately. Let's hope that is the only incident during these busy times. Cheers! PIC
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