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  1. Update on Globalstar. I've been advised that there was a major upgrade to their system in the first 2 weeks of February. We have done some montioring and have found a marked increase in availability of the system. 80% of the time it's online with only a few dropped calls. The next schedualed upgrade is in August. Cheers
  2. Same here in Southern Ontario. Coverage was good at the start in 2005 but now 75 % of the time it's seaching for coverage. Then when you have it your call doesn't go thru and goes back to searching. I think a class action suit is in order.
  3. That's a good question. I would like to hear a good answer too. I've seen a 212 started with the rotor brake on when the winds were strong and gusting. The brake was released about half way thru the start to help reduce blade sailing. It seemed to work. I know it's not a normal procedure but it may be done in the field I'm quessing. Maybe a question to send to Bell.
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments and insite. It looks like a question that will be hard to answer........which type performs better....I haven't flown a 120 but I do have time in a 350 D and B2. I like the power they have. Thanks once again. Cheers
  5. Would you care to Elaborate? I need some data to support your answer.
  6. I'm putting some feelers out to those who would be better to answer this question. The guys that fly every day in the Rookies. What Helicopter type would be better suited for operations in the Mountains, 7000 asl. eg., better performance at gross, IGE and OGE. The Bell 206 Jet Ranger 3 or the Eurocopter 120. I'm only requesting opinions on these two types please. Thanks for your input.
  7. I'm sorry to be bringing up this subject. But if anybody has any info on this accident it would be much appreciated. We have one and I don't like it from day one. The loss of a tail boom in windy conditions....I'm not liken it......PM me if you like also. Thanks
  8. Our company just ordered and received 3 from South Carolina. Didn't know there was a supplier in Canada. With the Noise cancelling the price was $7,000.00 US for 3. One showed up with the ear phones not working, brand new....figure that one. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Feels comfortable though. Will advice once I use it.
  9. Yes the MNR ramp was full. I was thru on the 9th of May. Bell 206 blue white green stripe. Waited 3 hours for the rain to stop. Hope it's drier by now.
  10. Anybody know of a operator near Lethbridge, Pincer Creek, Cranbrook that could change a starter Generator on a 206?
  11. I read in the Toronto Star this morning that there are fires in Northern Quebec. Fire crews from Sask and New Brunswick are helping out.
  12. 204 KT Gnd speed in a Bell 222A from Windsor to London riding a low level jet. 69 KNT tail wind. Wish we had it like that all the time.
  13. Thanks, everyone for your input. Sounds like it's more work than operating a 206 in the winter. So in your opinion if a R44 is left out for 1 hour at -15 C, there is a good chance she won't start and you willl be spending the night outside? With all the heaters and covers, is there still room for you????lol
  14. Is there an operator/ Pilot out there that has experience with operating 44's in Winter? Is there special procedures different than operating a Turbine? Looking for any infor good or bad. eg., inside windows frost up, will not start after cold soaked.... Dan
  15. I'm going.....hopefully the rain stops...
  16. Thank You Guys. That is the reason for my query. We have decommisioned the fuel pumps at both Burstall and Shaunavon. I was looking for a easy refueling point without taking a pump with me or flying 1/2 hour each way for fuel. Once again thanks for your help. If you hear of one over the winter please let me know. Dan
  17. Happy New Year everyone! Can anyone help me with regards to finding Jet Fuel near the towns of Shaunavon or Maple Creek in South West Saskatchewan? I've looked at the local airports and they don't carry Jet Fuel. Is there a local Helicopter Operator in this area from Burstall to Monchy that has Jet Fuel? Cheers Dan
  18. I have a picture of it. I'll try to add the photo later.
  19. Not important, just curious.....
  20. I was in Ottawa this morning and seen an American S76 doing some vertical takeoffs in the testing area at the National Research site at YOW. She had different exhaust stacks than the A, B, C model. Anybody have any info on it?
  21. If they do go after IFR certification, I hope they add glass windows up front. Plastic windows do not like to be stroked.....
  22. CTD: Is the 427 going to be IFR certified? I didn't see any wiper blades and only one pitot tube in the North Bay pictured 427.
  23. Yes she is adding it to her fleet of a Citation 10, Cessna Caravan, DH Beaver and now the 427. The 230 has been sold and is heading to Germany. Ah....... living the Simple life.
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