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  1. If your looking for Turbine time you could always try Kananaskis Mountain Helicopters. I think they are hiring.
  2. Sounds like you were flying air Canada. I try to stay away from them when I can. At least when west jet screws up they try to do something about it.
  3. For the amount of low time pilots there are not enough company's hiring. There's alot of company's that tell you they will get you flying and you end up working on the ground for years and you never get to fly. I have worked with a few guys that got there start with alpine. If i can remeber correctly. The one guy spent 2 years on the ground and spent another 2 or 3 years flying and he had about 800 hours when he was done. So if I still had 100hours and alpine gave me a chance I would take it. I have never heard anything bad about the company.
  4. Does anyone have a weight and balance program for jetrangers, longrangers, and astars.
  5. What would be the average monthly for a 1000 hour pilot?
  6. Does anyone have the Astar manuals BA, B2 and FX in PDF format?
  7. Anybody know any good Iphone apps for weather in canada? or any other good pilot apps?
  8. Low blow busbar. You practically did name names. Sounds like you have a little to much time on your hands if your googling pilots names from icefield. By the way every company I have worked for has not asked for a criminal record check. just something to think about.
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