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  1. Fortunately there is more than the 'Fraser Valley'...
  2. Just check the CARS. Only a licensed flight instructor is allowed to give dual flight instruction for the issue of a license. So if you have a non licensed PX using the duals with a non instructor rated pilot as PIC it automatically becomes illegal and the insurence company will not pay. Try somebody to tell not to touch the controls. You know the will...
  3. Just to answer Skidz' question: Any sling load on an R22 is attached like in the helicopter world with a hook!!! Obviously his memory does not serve well: Permitted hook load on an R22 is 400 lbs. SM
  4. By the way "412driver", your 100 hours, as told by you, consisted of 60 hours R22, 15 hours Bell 47 and 15 hours Bell 206. This makes a total of 90 hours. I hope only your counting is bad... According to the Jan/Feb/Mar 2004 issue of the "HELICOPTERS" magazine the 2004 operators directory lists a total of 11 Bell 47's 21 Hughes/Schweizer 300's 47 Robinson R22's and 46 Robinson R44's. These are facts and obviously the demands of Canadian operators, not a personal opinion. SM
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