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  1. There is currently no fee for Bell Publications if you are an owner/operator. GEN IL 06-106 Rev B "Pricing structure is being considered and if implemented, our commitment is to provide Bell customers the best value in Web and DVD products in the industry for the lowest possible price. • Bell Helicopter currently plans to continue to provide free paper copy publications to bona-fide users. Bell will also continue to provide free and unrestricted access to our bulletins and safety of flight documentation via the existing Service Directive website at http://www.bellcu
  2. The Avantext DVD's cost money. The Bell DVD's are free if you already have a paper subscription. There are also some links available through the Bell DVD's that are not on the Avantext. The content otherwise is the same.........
  3. They all use the same IPB. You can sign up for online manuals at www.bellhelicopter.net all you need is an aircraft serial number for the model you want. Otherwise you could order the avantex manuals.
  4. It's in the Maintenance Manual 170-1/4B Look up FRAHM removal and it's right there.............
  5. One of the worst had to be Northern Mountain/VIH's crackshack in Ft. Nelson! Nothing like a bed with a built in pee sheet!
  6. I guess it was just my keen eye for detail that wouldn't allow me to leave it! Or maybe I am totally insecure and am worried about what a bunch of weenies who have nothing better to do than pick apart my "quote" are going to think because I changed a letter!!!!! I am going to go with the first one!
  7. There was no rinse after the dirty dip!
  8. Snark- The aircraft listed on the bell site are only the aircraft listed as destroyed,Retired, or Destroyed awaiting final confirmation from governement investigating agency since 1998.
  9. Border, what you talking about doing (using a destroyed A/C dataplate on another aiframe) is illegal. You will probably not be able to certify the aircraft. I would not waste your time or money on pursuing this anymore. CAP I know there are many pieced together aircraft out there but it does not mean it is right. And if you are comfortable strapping into an aircraft with a questionable history, have at 'er.
  10. The only way an aircraft can legally be rebuilt using a data plate from a destroyed aircraft is for the manufacturer to rebuild it. All others are considered counterfeit. http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/support/i...older=header_10
  11. It is available online at www.bellhelicopter.net all you need is an A/C S/N to register
  12. Any job on any machine what would you do and why? eg. Turbine change on a 206 or fuel nozzles on a 212 which would you rather do? What do you find to be the most rewarding when it is all done?
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